Biggg Knyf in tha Noggg – Erst-while Antrum #24:

The 24th edition of Erst-while Antrum – Biggg Knyf in the Noggg is earborne.
So that’s Flensecore, Avant Ethno Jazz, Gunk, Phosphorus Funk, traditional Chinese folk & court music, harsh noise, Apoplexy, Glyph-Hop, No-Skool-Noyzcore, hysterical Free Jazz, Grindnoise, Ritual 手品師 conjuring – all bursting out of micro-denim-hot-pants like a Siamese goddess on a glass BMX hurtling down a remote jungle path with Suella Braverman’s burnt & bullet-riddled body bouncing behind on a coil of razor wire.
As exotic, histrionic, eye-waveringly esoteric, rod-poppingly eclectic & fervently frissoned as it gets.
18 tracks in almost 80 minutes of exhillarant, uber-energetic mind-expansive outpour to slush your channels & short your circuits, with no industry wank, arts council garbage, or establishment synthesis in radius.

X312 hand-numbered copies on a neon red spray-painted disc with aesthetically urticant artisan-wrap & inner-sleeve card on silk secreted sheet with paper-clip seal.
Unavailable from any commercial premises.
Unapologetic, unmoored, authentically anarchic art-absolutism for inviolable autonomy autogen invincibility.

Includes Kuttekop, RDKPL, Sewage, Mogre Mogru, Piscatorial Boat Herder, Ray Man Trio, Niles Asheber & Sun Ra Arkestra’s Kash Kilion collab, 機関銃爆発合奏団 with ルイス稲毛, 剛田武, 山澤輝人 & further phantasmagoria & euphoria.

More on BKN on Bleg shortly once the moon heaves her havoc …


pride and precipitance – distrait & “alarmingly” effusive – if not ebullient (ergo entelechy; even so; eventuum):

alethic at Wigmore Halcion …. HURRY!

dragged chanting & incanting from the pre-performance rehearsal session at Wigmore Hall .. some video footage of the benediction. behind the brine there is ….. Bakaaaaaaaaaaa!!

mothurrfukkurrz gon’ learn.

Reforester – Fuck Fossil Fuels is out this month? two editions, cassette version & compact disk alternate. cleaved as a split with Italian noisegrind rabble Eddie x Murphy for some hard garakuta rummage & photosynthesis scrummage. Reforester illuminated on this cutting by the Brazilian community defence specialist of ghetto scald & social brawler – God Pussy.
first audio extraction All-consuming Green below …. like cockatoos to your cochlea eh’ ducks?

Fuck Fossil Fuels > > >
druss drass dross … the unbidden.

clattering retch yuck Heracleides & cult-curio-cataclysm Kuttekop spray-spew trashed, amok, bedraggled, surrealist junk-suck & hard-hacking phantasm for flayed thinking & adverse-avant-oddity overdrive via the Zas undertow. – – Gunk – –

Chaplins Grog …. A difference of discommode (ratchet):


Produced a solo recording of myself & brotha’ Roscoe Mitchell going “Blacc Berzerk” at the sovereign Acklam Village. Dragged in the ace David Ross as sound engineer. Singular & seismic – superior standard stratospherics & the chaos of zen. Coming out as Evolutionary Events on my label Ethnicity Against the Error.

were you there?

A daily duel with deprivation ….. I guess you have to fuckin’ chortle, when elite art activists have to borrow their instruments – & borrow a bathroom to record in (literally! No kidding! No exaggeration!).
They want to Kevin fucking Eastman my arse!!! ><
The ever narrowing noose – & the dexterity & guile required to constantly slip its stricture…..争闘!

recording room – roukou rangda recriminations aka “ring my death-knell” & “drug me dunder”!!!
Kikanju Baku – Roscoe Mitchell – Simon Sieger – Dudù Kouate > > > >

closing the LCMF Festival at Wigmore Hall as a four-piece was a life well. Restraints on volume due to acoustics meant I had to forgo histrionics & ferocity, plumbing instead for lashings of arrant Avant otherworld & ornate ethnoglyphic abstrusions. The superb African percussionist Dudù Kouate was a fantastic counterpart, with exchange & closely-cohered interaction throughout – & between us – we had enough African, Chinese & Silk Road percussion to stock a souk! The entire performance was expertly recorded, so an album is inevitable. Some video footage will arrive shortly once edited.

Devil Man ….. in tha hoos’ …. turn those mfs out dadako no tengu!!
did yu mek it?
fuuuuuuuuuckin’ maniaaaaaaaaac!!! 神女 曲線
against all the odds, overpowering all adversities – we sprout, bloom, grow, jut, traject – & out of garbage & concrete & shit – the natural order reestablishes its divine pandemonium over man-made sterility. You can’t out-run the matriarch motherfuckers!
Niles Asheber

Commencing further recording sessions with Niles Asheber again … one of the original Sankofaz, & a stalwart of my “special prosecutions task-force” – Citizens of Nowhere, who joined the hunting party for the incendiary Revolt Against State Stimulated Stockholm Syndrome/No Justice = Justification double album.

ちゃちゃっと from the chantry:

Cool gig with Roscoe last saturday at The Big Sad – “Exhausted and Hysterical” doon in Woolwich Fireworks Factory. Nice to dust-off the flame-throwers nt´ gamma-cannons again & revive our combined pandemonium-preternatural-propensities for some reverse-gravity interstellar unbalancing….staff were all real cool too. We will also be recording another studio album in the coming week, so bulk buy bandages. Other surprises prowling.

raizin´ whorl!

Aka 嘴!

mass land evictions

The Maasai of Tanzania are enduring mass forced evictions from their ancestral lands by a callow, contemptuous & corrupt government enthralled to an international adversary & criminal exploiter – the United Arab Emirates. They need our immediate support, so git´ in it. Darwins Nightmare & We Come as Friends by documentarian Hubert Sauper capture the continuous pillage, misrule & theft. Fuck the United Arab Emirates. The “Brazilian front” seethes with the recent double-loss. Action is required from us all.

精進 Slipstream > > >
New Kuttekop split disc has been released on Zas Autoproduzione. so seven Kuttekop tracks of “insalubrious malformations, rare infections, esoteric vandalism & adverse deformity” from the depths of Issyk-Kul. Other “astute toxic surrealist garbage” from this artisan extremity are fast hurtling towards earth.
Kuttekop – new nox on Zas.
Occupy Democracy 2014 – a portent of piss-takes to ensue.
> > > > >

EXIGENT UNPROFESSIONALISM; Tha Gutter Gakushouuuuuuu!:

moon’s mood motivates mine …. she is conversant … energy is ongoing/incoming … lunar lingual. take the radiance & convert to craft.

GOD’S CHOSEN RAPISTS, Basayev Inductions 04, is airborne. shocking, over-driven, berserk & inconsolable shit-stomp from Kuttekop, Terrorist Kriss, Hinyouki, Abesta, 886VG, Xah, RDKPL, God Pussy, Mourmansk150, Natural Nihilismo, Nightstick, PMNT & Sewage, with art/design from Non-Negotiable Notoriety dealing explicitly with the US-UK-Saudi Arabia-Israel-United Arab Emirates-Egypt mega corruptocracy – transnational criminal group participation & collusive kleptocratic coaction. Hand-numbered to 193 copies. more muddlings at


Kuttekop’s TRANSVERSE TOXOSPUMOSIS 12”LP is ‘ucked. sixteen eruptions of immense peculiarity,

museum deformity antique derivation noisecore & chronic circus-oddity noisegrind, tosh tox surrealist garbage obscurantism overspill. Limited to 300 prangs.

Kuttekop – Vuln Suck – from Transverse Toxospumosis 12″LP, out now on Supreme Tool Supplies
elsewhere intellectualism. a danger – to the established order. deposition.

First video footage of new project 走り抜く <Hashirinuku>… super sou-sou, psycho-dynamic, explosive, ultra-agile sprint-Grindcore/Gratecore/Gunk. Drums for two LPs; HARD DASH & SPRINTER already rucked. Anticipate some very able personnel from the international Grind/Grate spectrum, the harsh Noise & Gunk quarter, & hyperactive pyro-jazz iconoclasm to come froth the frenzy.

走り抜 > > > > >

走り抜く is interesting, as it’s generation requires/demands the “improvised composition” discipline/resource/resolve, as the time, facility, opportunity & utility are simply not available, in the typical arid, barren & starved environment that a niggu’ is forced to operate in, & the ingenuity & endurance that is recurrently required to transcend it! 内闘争.

Hey! A motley of my audio downloads were sidelined/sanctioned/sequestered when the website was modified/transferred/grafted & became inactive/dud/absent … so here is most of them again with the corrected link, for free dissemination.

Bollock Swine-Faster Than all the Rest:

Concussion Projectile Trio-Enko Ecto Explo:

NABEGEconomy = Extinction:

しぬ マザーファッキング うじむし-Natsumi Pax a Micro Uzi in Her Lunchbox:

others are on this site …. jus´ diggg.

Garbage for Gargoyles to Gargle:

now is the time. go for the root & go for the throat….there is nothing left to lose.

gokui genya. they said to me – Dr. Gaki! wrest & rout for reasons reticulated …. could you .. could you break bromides with the disastrous government mismanagement massing? simony! mok-mok. national larceny. criminal takeover. informal sign-over. deceptocracy.
hmmmmmm – some prig pangs in January … acromalgavarian ….. ge’ ready toots! the cleavers are coming out again.


freshly retched – the new Kuttekop website is fully-frothed …. stand-alone, no Bandcamp, no Facebook, no Amazon, no Spotify, no Myspace, no Instagram, no Twitter. Gitcha’ trick.

for heaven´s sake! would´ja slow-the-fuck-down? – 無理!

“improvised explosive incise”

Chiaroscuric chorochoro Chuujo & flexile florilegium 不倶戴天の敵 (ぐらぐら-ぐらぐら-ぐらぐら):

張本人 超現実主義

invention, intuition, instinct …. inter-abstractive-avant-autarchy and autogenetics ….. * *
張本人 超現実主義!

support/defend the kids! Guillotine all oligarchs, libertarians, billionaires. Neutralize the Murdoch, Koch, Thiel pestilence, putrilage & plutocracy.
Venom Salve

a few more recent solo-drums-foundation videos of “free composition” for Gunk/Noisegrind para-permutation Kuttekop. you see – i lead the charge in primary destabilization, solo-detonation, initial incursion & precursory perforation – 爆裂 ベルセルク 蛮族 – then – scalps & skulls of imposters slain are dragged back from battle & passed over to regional warlords – to please the gods or whatever (me, i’m all heretic toots).

Junk Bloat

poverty, major logistical & utility deficiency/destitution & entrenched establishment corruption & suppression, make regular – even standard – creative exchange/participation – belly-up & bloating bad in the brush. so a whole gaggle of para-inventive, substitutional-circumvention & scavenge-stratagems must be incentivised & initiated to ……… bare pollen. Here are “3 hunx” demonstrating the first stages of such discipline.

Gut Scrape
the gurrrlz are alright ^0^ … .. .

Kuttekop’s sixteen-track 12” LP – TRANSVERSE TOXOSPUMOSIS – is in the pressing plant congestion-cortege, delayed due to the resumed popularity of vinyl clogging our culverts >< ….. freaking February-March 2022 completion date – for the growth to consume the subject .. scumming out on Supreme Tool Supplies, Olland’ … here is the first excerpt melange from the LP’s brain-smudge of preternatural-pandemonium-pummelling –


Kuttekop/Reforester split-cassette is in the birth-bucket.

more Reforester 木 幹 無化!!! extend the forest!

Reforester-Gelsemium Heirophant
muthufuckin´ full-bossomed revolution!!! …. an nathin´ less! …. ya basts!!

Reforester-Undisturbed Woodland Habitat cassette LP unt other unbridled instability & disreputability:

yuta! yuta! yushosha yaju

Undisturbed Woodland Habitat, the new LP from Reforester, is now out. inexhaustible & unerring user-hostile woods-worshipping No-Skool-Noyzcore…tear-away, with truly shocking stamina, speed & endurance. The most viscous of sap, the thickest of trunk, the fuckest of Gunk …. smothered, saturated, sodden, over-laden blast-glut. more moku on the matter here –

undisturbed woodland habitat

Basayev Inductions 04 is under production… Kuttekop will be contributing, drums already expelled/expostulated/expatriated – spectacular harsh noise marauders can submit secretions to emergencyemancipation<a> – meritocracy is the modus & motive.

Fatal new video of some recent solitary refinement 刻む –


Reforester/886VG split cassette is under amplification … ungoverned, & unresponsive to officialdom or authority.

Kuttekop 12”LP is queuing at the pressing plant…not long now, so brace to ingurgitate & quaff reactor refuse, saline sediment back-swill & hazardous haihin gomikuzu tox-trash-transmog tumidity turmoil triage tumescence (テスティング).

NABEG …. underclass, usury, usurpation

New NABEG LP is coming……..

lorra’ other junk…i can’t keep up with it all … not sure about the Turkmen?

guddle glut & muchos maim & lyre franca psuedoplanatus – also identified as “wench-beyond-wench” (over queasy) the 40th of the 17th 2029:

Kikanju Baku – random 無敵 freestyle floridity 2021

Glorification of garakuta! Guk hwa! Guk hwa cha! A few new videos of some recent moil on a garbage kit in a covid pit … Reforester & some outback careen … lots coming, done, due – brace thine bones.

– the quercus quorum declares Spring unofficially extravaganzic –
Fuck Fossil Fuels

Quercus Scud

sucking virus & gurgling death in a waste-land flooded with pluto tox:

Dr. Blacclist sleeps in his own rot & gets more ass than a colposcope! no sell-out! ever.

mucal murmurations. lockdown? shut the fuck-up ho & go suck syringe ….been very busy machinating, metastasizing & manifolding – how odd, that in a period of induced inaction & universal stasis i am more productive than usual? nature flourishes when the machine stops – pick your side. i actually had a rehearsal room, of sorts, for a spell – been going berserk & have reigned in a few creatives that are stoic & insistent enough to flounce & fabulate during the viral-tizzy (it ain’t easy – most motherfuckers are in acute paralysis & can’t function without their chambermaids & cues from their ventriloquists).

struggle. scavenge. strive.


one new project that has been lavished considerable meld is Kuttekop – hyper maverick, insubordinately irregular, insufferably peculiar, antiphonic – awful – atrophied, fiendishly fevered, desperately weird, & replete with rare neurological disorders & freak accident -allllllllll the way! its….its… adversely derogative No-Skool-Noyzcore/Gunk ingests vintage analog Industrial lour & hard-boiled harsh electronics impugns absurdly fractured & flensed jazz jeremiad antiphonic avant influenza skitz-blitz-& reduced to mottled bitz. pulling out all the stops are two notorious, scar-riddled loons – Dennis Van Geldrop from uniquely weltering 90’s Dutch User-Hostile blast gunk unit Nee! conjoined with psychological damage specialist Sjak Von Brussel – aka – DMDN, a grizzled mage & unapproachable drifter of Industrial Noise & extreme electronics with an illustrious index of illness harking back to the 80s. guys! guys?! …… we really cannot guarantee your safety here. macerations for an LP & a split 7″ are practically complete, with the groups debut disgorgement featuring on the new Mendacity Mogul eleven-way compilation cassette on Basayev Inductions.



Reforester, my 2013 forest-fixated blast-noisecore project is back, & in a big way – careening, viridescent blastcore shred-noisegrind & the most graminaceous of Gunk straight-out of the woodlands deepest depths & the clammy peaks of the remotest cloud-forest & densest jungle hinterlands. five tracks of sap-heavy, branch-splaying purification, pulverization & naturalization & the plumpest plumations of swaying flora for the ultimate explosive, exhilarating exclamation to shrive the metropolis’s moil & wipe-clean mans pathetic urban impositions & encroachments are out on the Mendacity Mogul compilation, sure to expedite even the most ignorant urbanite back to the fuckin’ esseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeence ^0^ donguri! donguri! donguri!

Sphincter is scumming.

Mendacity Mogul:

speaking of Mendacity Mogul, this is the third one we have demolished, & it is the most extravagant & excruciating (which is saying something with the label’s standards) bloody hell chuck! – that is a labour of love & blood …. & yeah, Drupert Turdcoch gets his shriveled shit-brain smashed & sprayed, that no-good criminal cock-sucker colosto-count scunge pox!!! more details/entrails/chem-trails on MM here snuggles –

aw´ hell! i need to put out Biggg Nyf in tha Noggg, Erst-While Antrum #26, ……. there is now a surplus of material, just gotta juice th art, master & mix. #27 may follow swiftly as there is now a backlog bulging & refulging …. some very interesting extractions in this muddling madness …. producing under/during this mess is triple vexatious … constant disruption, death, displacement, closure, hiatus, reduced-capacity, cratered personnel doddering the doldrums & inordinate aggravations to already demanding endeavors – chop em’ up & lop their lard all the same kiddd!

when youth demonstrate more decency than th suck-arse adults- yu kno jyv has to change!!!


New NABEG! that’s right yu shitttz! – the incomparable & peerless juggernaut of impossibly irascible & incendiary Apoplexy & uber-unrest poised for a further profusion of pandemonium & sweeping demolition clamour from a fringe cell of Chechen secessionists …. dispensed an entire albums worth in one session – so the terms are demarcated …. now to usher the garrison & stage the assault. expect A-grade maulers weighing in on another international task-force of punishment specialists – all in awe of the spectacular indignation & moral clarity of Asian youth, Thailand being the source material for this effort … with a little help from … Belarus!

never before – & never since! – & every one of those fkn toys knows it – scar on tissue! 無冠の帝王
a few cuts/deft slash – PBH

Piscatorial Boat Herder:

Piscatorial Boat Herder. by the scruff of thine scrotum – can it be yu? the blackest, most forbidden, most recondite & radical incident of corporately-concealed, industry suppressed British Jazz history – the sublime & searingly scintillating Piscatorial Boat Herder, a bass & drums duo like n-o-t-h-i-n-g- e-l-s-e e-v-e-r which went on to precipitate another gigantic establishment cover-up The Sankofaz. Phosphorus Funk, Glyph Hop, turbo-tempo-jazz, kinetic Jungle, singularly complex floridity & preposterous inventive kink – balling & burning the fuck outta’ control, pussy wut!? der burnzzz have still not healed over a decade later whilst imposters plagiarize in our embers & fall at the first preliminary … anyways, lets throttle the record straight – i will release the retrospective, definitive codex LP/mix of this still totally unrivalled funking phosphorous from that period (2007-2012) in some scrape or swarm soonish – so watch yur date palms.

– Com Supremo Com Tudo –

Com Supremo Com Tudo:

released the debut LP from Brazil’s PMNT – a new sentinel of anti-corruption harsh draconian scorch/scour/scald – loaded to melting-point with embittered indignation conflagration. glorious harsh progressive Stridor prime from an apex predator. for those uninformed, this detonation joins a sprawling list of vinyl/cassette/CD/CDR releases i have produced/directed/organised/released etc, over two decades of hack n’ slash. fuck flakes better catch-th-fuck-up!

Gone are the Guilds Gongs:

we lost our emporium (x9 again) …. over twenty years of the deepest, ancient Chinese culture – expunged – in one fell swoop ….by a motherfucking Israeli mega-developer! – welcome to sterility. sacrilegious vandalism of the highest modal. cultural death sentence – wanton nihilism. but some of the monasteries mavens survived – we will avenge our clan & export our teachings & creative ideologies. seeds to the wasteland.

oh th trees? kin! – iym so glad yu ask … a record year (on top of a hitherto record year) – th forest is massively expanding – emanating oxygen & spraying life.

oh there’s more ducks! just yu wait. for despite all their concentric efforts, whilst there are bolts in my bollocks & varnish in my veins – centrifugal cataclysm concentrations will keep cascading……..counterclockwise.