Triplications & Triumglyphics:

HURRY! unto the earth wi’ e’!

dore! … it’s 2023! s’ let’s have 3-new releases simultaneously ejected …. cos’ the octopus goddess wants to squirt some ink.

Roscoe Mitchell & Kikanju Baku – Evolutionary Events cassette LP on Ethnicity Against the Error 04:

Raw, molten extremities & fully-fledged fanaticism panic pyro propulsive profundity pandemonium spiralling originality & gallons of gushing paroxysmal gale-force hyper hysterics, hard hurricane & abject antiphonic avant absurdum. The loftiest of extreme histrionics, chronic contortion, turbo-swing & intellectual abstrusion & radical abstractive abrasives …. game over motherfuckers!
Ripe-plum-purple cassette husk with custom-stickers in a black case, full-colour A-5 double-sided pamphlet & 5-panel cassette sleeve with design courtesy of Non-Negotiable-Notoriety, hand-numbered to just x187 copies on RMT thread.

Congo River Basin & 悲歌慷慨 – split cassette on Ethnicity Against the Error 05:

Roscoe Mitchell & Kikanju Baku – Congo River Basin:
Ouch! A purgatory of superlunary extremes & dizzying grandiloquent mayhem. Terrifying & fantastical Avant Jazz free improvisation masterclass from two of the baddest & most uncompromising motherfuckers ever. Expertly mixed & mastered – the calenture unfolds as two tracks in 25 minutes from a live detonation at the LCMF episode from June 2022.

機関銃爆発合奏団 – Machine Gun Explosion Ensemble – 悲歌慷慨 Indignant Lamentation over the Evils of the Times EP:

four new cuts from 機関銃爆発合奏団 ..
Wassat’? – energetic, exotic, eccentric & emotive max-medley Avant-Allo-Jazz sprayed through a range of tight virtuosity, keen artistic elan & ad-hoc ad-lib …. YIKES BITCH!
Some serious players & wild men coruscating the cream of consciousness –
ルイス稲毛 Louis Inage : bass, keyboards, synthesizer
山澤輝人 Teruhito Yamazawa : tenor sax, flute
剛田武 Takeshi Goda : violin, flute, shinobue, hulusi, clarinet
佐伯武昇 Takenobu Saeki : trombone, percussion
& maddd mothafuccin’ Tenbatsu on the 火薬術 .. . ..

so brace for wild-as-fuck, unpredictable polymorph & impertinent improvisation cross-contorted from richly loquacious traditions with seasoned Jazz disciplines & distinctions clamouring with noise, parallel avant-garde, multi-sonic mutagens, adroit arcana, multifarious psychedelia, complex ever-improvising Byzantium Breakbeats & hurtling heterodoxy – little instruments, field recordings, esoteric percussion, synthesisers, toys, trombones, whistles, bells, chimes, violins, luo, gongs, reeds, keyboards, samples, & “all-screaming extravagances” …. far out, far fetched, far flung & far gone – turbo swing, & some of the illest break-beats or Advanced Fracture that ever toasted the reels …… all stewed in revolutionary fervour & emergency exclamations to split your prism hulk! MEDIC!!!

5-panel colour sleeve, mint ice-cream green shell in a Hello fkn Kitty pink case, hand-adhesed (heh!) colour stickers with glyph from legendary Cajun stylz-writer Kamakaze (sic), craw-numbered to x372 with all audio on RMT thread for superior sound sonics.

keep on dreaming!

Kuttekop-Tertiary Anomie Undoing EP / Mourmansk150 – Return to Nord-Ost – split cassette on Lo-fi or Die Rex:


Cripes! Kuttekop with eight more rare-vulgarian-vagaries of astute toxic garbage… just the weirdest, most shocking preternatural perturbations of horrific, freak-oddity extreme noisegrind Gunk garbage & enhanced swelling Industrial Breakcore grot contusion.


Mad French dissident & fringe anarchist insurrectionist Mourmansk150 with three tracks – resorting to some of the most extreme frequencies, improper distortions & searing, scalding harsh maul, melting extreme electronics & hostile agitations …. “NO CONTROL”!

Black case, white shell with custom ink stamps & stickers, 5-panel full-colour sleeve, A5 pull-out pamphlet, stickers, hand-numbered to x274 copies & wound on superior sound quality RMT cord.

Lord of Drub > > > > >
and the maddd bitccch shall wield the red moon – bringing singular destructive female purification …..

Yellow Girl under Red Moon during Black Dawn – triple 10”LP:

The new album! coming …. this evening.

Melanin momentum and the Moral Militia wi’ Sean Graham’s Jaz Evo:

Hakken! Will ya’ look at this fikir’ from way back? Let’s keep pretending it all never happened for the sake of various reputations & credibilities parasitising & plagiarising the primacy.