So th mastering sluts are dragging their webbed-limbs somewhat – but actually, the hour is close at hand. There is such a wealth of material, that it’s going to be a double disk, combining strategic seriations of both units/sessions. Two impetuous intrepidations from 2018 with the Concussion Projectile Trio (Kikanju Baku – Chris Pitsiokos – Luke Stewart) & Condign (Baku -Ignacio Ruz/886VG – Maddd Swun Hua). Concussion Projectile are electric bass/double bass/MPC/pedals (Stewart), saxophone, FX pedals (Pitsiokos) & drums/percussion (Baku) – though we all play a muchos-myriad of sprawling percussive cournucouplings, bells, blocks, gongs, weird cymbals, animal chimes, ancient arcane oriental/afro oddities plus some san-xin, cello.

Condign condemn all corrupt White House shit-snufflers with ultra-harsh noise, apoplectic castigation-scream-spume & berserk excoriation suffusion. I managed to secure the additional intervention on the longest Condign cut of a particularly potent ‘guitar noise’ acetic from NY known as Reg Bloor. Her submission is of extraordinary ferocity & cranks something that is already so over-driven into positively obscene over-spiral. Recorded between five different venues, with massively varying equipment, instruments, acoustics & engineers.

Will be released on Ethnicity Against the Error in some deluxe & heterodox packaging with unrestrained design as it does not need to pass any externally imposed political criterion or propriety paradigm that conforms to industry assignment. Omnivorous & profusely eclectic, the material revises major elaborations & radical skewings of variegated Avant Jazz alongside dramatic expeditions into the molten unknown with Stridor, Farrago, Noise and extraterrestrial extravagance erupting into kinetic esoteric futurism on some recalcitrant rampage of retaliatory recondite after-burn.

Won’t be available on/through I-tunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Big Cartel or any other instant, commercial, convenient, billionaire fuck-face, culture vacuuming free-market shit-skewer & slave-driving, off-shoring, intrusive excrement Inc. imposter imbecile obtusion outlet. If yu can’t dig – yur going to die (in chains).

NABEG-“Economic Gain – Ecological Ruin” forthcoming cassette album:

The dictators death-throes. The rapacious incendiary predator NABEG reasserts its hunting primacy – a live fulmination from Dec 2018 between harsh mauler Animal Machine, circuit-bent shrapnel centurion Psychiceyeclix & Kikanju Baku’s arachnid amok aberrance. This hurtling contumely is further aggrieved by four more cardinals of User-Hostile antiphonic scald – Czech harsh veteran Napalmed, the two hooligans from notorious French distress & rend electronics duo Mourmansk 150, granulating harsh calamity from Chilean heavy-weight 886VG & finally, Ukrainian badlands guitar-noise distortion-shred-grate-gouge Ilja Bilga of Schperrung/Шпе ррунг. Exhilaratingly intense & ultra-vesicated oblivion, with political samples crushed into the wreckage… Divine clarion! Rapid, ceaseless permutation & assaulting obstreperous indignation & righteous fury through the Flensecore furnace. Will be released on the fugitive Lo-fi or Die Records/Jigokuki on a quality, hand-numbered cassette with the requisite stand-out design & imagery courtesy of Non-Negotiable-Notoriety. Expected outcry in June.

Bollock Swine – “Faster Than All The Rest” ejective discography coagulum album:

Ah-soh! A whopping one hour and eyt minute’s worth retrospective of “Gush-Gyna-Goddess-Garbage, Hard-Vacuum, Neko-Neko-Noyzcore, Blur-Shred-Blast, Torikowashi, Anti-Listener, Warp, Harlequin-Haze-Hop, Abnorm, Gunk-Junk Poise-Spore!!!”

The barely-believable Bollock Swine, 2004-2018 (and outwards) outré odyssey omnigatherum opalescence – Faster Than All The Rest -“ONE GIANT LUMP OF UNADULTERATED ORGAZM!!!” – download & delapse.

exponential expunctionary ejacullance! !! ! ! !!

Havoc Imbroglio 2019

Havoc Imbroglio 2019
the wet-cavity of th earths propylaeum… pressed-in like bullets in a bitch’s push-up…suds in yer wine glass y’ fuckin’ hunch-thatch!!

Fronds of th 1-9. Cusp of twentieth double-decker, crammed with crisis – peel th scab, give er’ a wash – on yer’ way. So, th call to qualms – whole hunk of complete, unfolding, impending remonstration-reave from my projects Nabeg, Citizens of Nowhere, Indigenous-Residual-Autochthonous & other ardent-argute-agile-abrasive-asymmetrical-apex gathering (or indeed, gathered) in the storm clouds. Crash-landing over th coming months. Here’s a dram of some January skirmish for th flower-beds, soon to heave with nothing but the swaying of stamens.

Foju 浮遊 Frequency-“the bottled soul shattering its container”

Don’t get yur derma damaged in th door. Long lost lascivity in th final closing seconds – an express roadside ejection before th 18 has assumed the funeral revelry. Dragged out of the stubborn rab, from back yonder in the sacred 2013 (unlucky numbers & Kentucky cucumbers) comes a revamped, non-camp & warm-clammy to th touch damp; divinorum from ultra-harlequin art-fuck eccentric-effuse trio Foju Fuyuu Frequency. Avant-Garde is looking a wee bit worn-out on that scuffed old water-mattress! Especially with these yuppie plagiarists offsetting personalized voids by crowding the rubble with their desperate insults… here’s some mothafukuz that blew the gaskets & sailed th shit way’ way off into whatever th fuck. Beyond th limb, on th most aculeate of th razors edge, & th acids corrosive compounds, 浮遊 struck, stretched & scattered th weirdest & wildest blotched brain-fry kaleidoscope convulse. Cohabitants consisted of an emotionally conflicted voodoo high-rise priest & noise-FX-mallam Adio “Black Valentine”, Kikanju henka Hovd negrato & white-witch of Ropongi Koboyashi ‘Cobra’ Mimi who surged, lathered, strained, cast & ensorcelled their unique “impetuous improvised intercourse” torrid & elliptic midnight-mysticism. Some of the weirdest, most exotic, unfamiliar, variegating, eclectic & thought-&-emotion-process-rippingly-odd baroque Poise-Spore Abnorm Farrago Free-Form to escape its ceremonial container from the authentic front-line of subcultural sui-generis art-spew (steeped in all the isolation, vulns & struggle that are associated with th true lifestyle). Serious delectation with th design, white gold-splashed shell & case with individualized acid-pink stipple, stickers, 3 panel double sided inlay, non-machine assembled, hand numbered to 167 editions on Erst-while Antrum (outing 23). Available from all good fortune-tellers, exorcists & inyangas. Th genuine god particle. emergencyemancipation[at]protonmail[dot]ch

New Law Facilitates Crime moil in th works

Acquisitioned two phantom guitar players for new Law Facilitates Crime material, commencing via overdub (for distance purposes & lack of facility). That plausibility alone has galvanized considerable invention…currently sitting on seventeen new dethroned regimes with more destined for discerption. The stringent complexity of the projects rapid-martial-kinetics requires a proficiently technical accomplice, not to mention razor-worthy tightness & the necessary cosh-grind abrade.. a substantial set of requirements for one assailant to possess in full. Fuuuuuuck! I need six guitar players acting individually on this single project, so I can belt-out the blat & dash it to baying insurrectionists that can keep pace with th roust. If yer’ a substantially agile Grindcore guitarist that can handle staunchly formidable technicality, non-linear time signatures & split-second celeritous shifts with a pash for turbo-velocity ferocity, drop us some lard wash & les’ see what yu got ducks (just make sure yur fuckin’ good ok?!). All this shits being written (like everything else over th last six years) on a substitute, low-quality mesh-head adorned kit that is yanked from storage & assembled in a living-room before being devised from scratch on th spot & captured on a Blackberry then run through Audacity. Th wretch, he doth scavenge, yet produceth a welt of fatal exception without peer ^0^ emergencyemancipation[at]protonmail[dot]ch