Kink Responsibly.

Wallop Cervix
Blob Blab

Bollock Swine/Kylie Minoise – split tape:

Opening track Blob Blab from the new Bollock Swine Wallop Cervix 5yv-track ep, bled from the 大阪市“mow-down, melt-back & 멍멍이”sessions, finally out later this week as a split, high-vis-green, spray-can-stencilled cassette with doyen Scottish harsh noise highlander Kylie Minoise (Colossal Asteroid Hazard), on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper Tapes.

Interview with I Don’t Give A Fuck:

New interview, the most in-depth & quizzical so far, finished last summer/autumn, & rustled by I Don’t Give A Fuck agit-art from Spain … who puts every Jazz publication to shame by snatching the 抜きネタ whilst they all have their dicks in the till & their credibility in the can. The entire industry outperformed by some autistic kid in a Barcelona squat …. sounds about right muthafucca!


Spanish version –

English version –

print/zine version, with extras & exclusives, out later this summer.

Niles & Kikanju

The Mage and the Sage:

Slew of fresh improvised recordings with Niles Asheber – & others – with ongoing impetus. heavy ethno-avant-incantation-involutions … a split cassette with my Korean collective 무아 단 <MuaA Dan> will be out near the end of this month on Ethnicity Against the Error.

Missing Man and Wandering Wounded

more in a modicum …

October Cardiac:

Undiagnosed Incipient.

First findings from a curious & curlicued Korean collective (currently innominate) recently recorded in Seoul subterranea. Two drummers, random recherché, preposterous FX-rig multicade & guitar-noise synth efflux, dextrous disorientation & compulsive inadvertency, fevered, cerebrally warping psychotropic lope geo-somatic morph, unexpected eccentricities, expansive transmutations in noise, abstraction, avant jazz, broken algebra, esoteric disaffirmation & all-espousing Alter Ergo on human passions against digitization.

first release on the wayward.

lusus nuturae 대방동 > > >
unbiddable undergone.

Lost in the wilderness …..

hyper avant-garde & deep ethno-jazz profundity with the eremetic ustad William Doran on trumpet & piano & sage Niles Hailstones on a conch shell & African drums.

Dark, mystic, arcane, sapient & far, far, far from civilizations concrete conveniences.

release impending …

more in moments …

Numinous Luminous Voluminous!

hell for nether.


Considerable discharge for the acetabulums arriving imminently … lot on the shards, so stand by for further varyform coagulum & enhanced bedlam bodacity … for now, some vesicant & verdurous video scrounge to heap yur waffles high …

Hydrogen ॐ
Suella Braverman Shot Dead at Border Security


Kikanju Baku – new album – Persona Non Blaka … with Joseph Daley on tuba, Roscoe Mitchell on sax n’ reeds, Josh Roseman on trombone, & William Doran on trumpet & french horn. Resulting igneous extremitites to be issued as an artisan, hand-numbered, physical copy only, deluxe audio cassette on Ethnicity Against the Error before the end of the year.

w’ tym i’ is there mhaaan???


September Japan gigs now cancelled due to exceptionally egregious, degenerate & dishonourable circumstances – worthy of a fucking Trump minion – by reprobate, chancer, excrescent verminous-shit-follicle, fabulist & fraudster – Hiromi Kudo/Takeshi Goda/剛田武. Sorry to all that will be disappointed by this utter, utter, utter fuck-up by that sick, ignoble, unprincipled & untrustworthy reprobate, low-life, cheapskate, scum-wad, shit-ball & prankster knave.

betrayal, conspiracy, deception, dishonesty, treachery, cancellation …. fuck Takeshi Goda/Hiromi Kudo.

Thanks to those that quit in disgust.

Expect something better Japan side by a more dedicated, reliable, trustworthy & capable individual next year.

cancelled – due to rat fuck, ingrate & shit-bag 剛田武.

Palpus in the Paranormal … Popinjay! Popinjay! Picaroon!

exo-stellar intra-argute …. corsair cacologismania & the gnashing of fangs > > > > >

The motherfuckin’ megrim mousseux – aka – makin’ maximum mutation! September – Japan – summoning a sundry of Noise, Gunk, Avant-garde, radical improvisation, Abnorm, heterodox Jazz & Farrago substructural thematics stewing out of control in cross-coordinating gulosity of stentorious stupefaction & psycho-surrealism-sensationalism. Y’ hear? A long circuitous history as an apostolic wanderer & provocateur in the region – it is time to rally the coenobium & divinate discursion. Recording sprees aside, the gigs confirmed so far are as follows –

further phatasmagon features foremost –

機関銃爆発合奏団/マグマトロン – Astral Tip-toe Uninhibited split LP:

ablaze .. Machine Gun Explosion Ensemble

reinforce your soft tissue – Machine Gun Explosion Ensemble & MAGMATRON split release is currently undergoing mastering & mixing. MGEE hurl three, raw, on-spot-improvised eruptions of weltering, corybantic, avant-jazz murrain, casting-off wild tangents & caterwauling cornucopic cross-currents, chaos spasm & esoteric steep. energetic vigour & screaming, tear-away, perfervid free-flow muddling classic eccentricities with advanced innovations & outgrowths for 360-degree exuberance.


マグマトロン discharge wild, impassioned, cacophonic outpourings harnessing the most dissonant strands of 60’s counterculture & far-flung avant “noise rock” or “new music” with a drummer who keenly coordinates classic skittering avant-jazz tumble & misshapen mind-bend. Brace for rolling thunder, lightening expelling shellac with all musicians doubling as adroit reed men who interchange instruments for 3-way avant psychedelic howl & melt off. Will be issued by the cult “phantom” imprimatur Ethnicity Against the Error with cover art by mad Legoniac.

rubenesque … gather your wits & stake your rove.

A series of albums & recordings are being mixed, fashioned & mastered now for a simultaneous escapologist theurgic nova at the end of the year which will include my studio carrousel with Hamiet Bluiett, & Erst-while Antrum #27 MerMILF versus Weirwolf among a fluttering of other extra-combustibles & face-ripping hi-ex hyp-act.

Brexiled Blacc Brexorcist – fuck Prate Shitain & it’s caitiff colony self-subjugating serfdom shit-suckery:

ditched dog-end democracy

Red & Gone! Like, “let’s all just watch whilst our kids are burned”? I don’t kno whats wrong with em’? but fuck that sis! – outta’ there!

eventicum – Reforester’s FUCK FOSSIL FUELS is finally out! – so seven ripping cuts of ecocentric, arborist, water-worshipping woodland noisecore blast deluge with wildcat-like agility … impenetrable, corner-to-corner acorn blastcore lathered in shredding, hyper-active, biting & manky Brazilian harsh noise humidity serving a one-item-menu of never-ending-portion bark-based battery & bludgeoning. The split is shared with festering marine-pollution chemical coagulant lo-fi trash noisegrind from Italy by way of Eddie x Murphy. x38 copies on limited edition cassette (TGS) & x120 CD version on Scaglie-Di-Rumore.

mow-down, melt-back & 멍멍이

mercy have mother ….. Bollock Swine are besotted again – & destabilizing the reality field in Osaka with extracurricular unscripted & immoderate oestro-centric caterwauling avant performance pus & bewildering bitch blurt barbarioness blather belabour banjax balderdash bastardization blabber beatdownz …. it’s gorra’ be luv … juicy nnnnnnnnn’ tender.

i’ve never been baffled like this about music … i find it so crazy, so out there, so audacious that i dont know what to do apart from laugh. like these guys are nuts .

debut live recording unified gathering of 機関銃爆発合奏団 in Koenji, Tokyo – sweltering, torrefying revolutionary Free Jazz ethno-avant-olio embellishing classic & core traditions & specially individualized idiosyncrasies, elaborations & polytropic transmogrifications to the craft …. first micro-video of the junto at work below with more to ensue.

機関銃爆発合奏団 > > > > > >> >> >

high-yield nectareous review of EVOLUTIONARY EVENTS on Something Else! proves that popular domains are not yet comprised of commercial caitiffs & coordinated cowardice exclusively …. Giles Peterson can get burnt out in an oil drum & his ashes FedExed to Tim Westwood with a dusting of mustard gas & anthrax spores …… the revolution will not be gentrified.

don’t forget to floss!

Triplications & Triumglyphics:

HURRY! unto the earth wi’ e’!

dore! … it’s 2023! s’ let’s have 3-new releases simultaneously ejected …. cos’ the octopus goddess wants to squirt some ink.

Roscoe Mitchell & Kikanju Baku – Evolutionary Events cassette LP on Ethnicity Against the Error 04:

Raw, molten extremities & fully-fledged fanaticism panic pyro propulsive profundity pandemonium spiralling originality & gallons of gushing paroxysmal gale-force hyper hysterics, hard hurricane & abject antiphonic avant absurdum. The loftiest of extreme histrionics, chronic contortion, turbo-swing & intellectual abstrusion & radical abstractive abrasives …. game over motherfuckers!
Ripe-plum-purple cassette husk with custom-stickers in a black case, full-colour A-5 double-sided pamphlet & 5-panel cassette sleeve with design courtesy of Non-Negotiable-Notoriety, hand-numbered to just x187 copies on RMT thread.

Congo River Basin & 悲歌慷慨 – split cassette on Ethnicity Against the Error 05:

Roscoe Mitchell & Kikanju Baku – Congo River Basin:
Ouch! A purgatory of superlunary extremes & dizzying grandiloquent mayhem. Terrifying & fantastical Avant Jazz free improvisation masterclass from two of the baddest & most uncompromising motherfuckers ever. Expertly mixed & mastered – the calenture unfolds as two tracks in 25 minutes from a live detonation at the LCMF episode from June 2022.

機関銃爆発合奏団 – Machine Gun Explosion Ensemble – 悲歌慷慨 Indignant Lamentation over the Evils of the Times EP:

four new cuts from 機関銃爆発合奏団 ..
Wassat’? – energetic, exotic, eccentric & emotive max-medley Avant-Allo-Jazz sprayed through a range of tight virtuosity, keen artistic elan & ad-hoc ad-lib …. YIKES BITCH!
Some serious players & wild men coruscating the cream of consciousness –
ルイス稲毛 Louis Inage : bass, keyboards, synthesizer
山澤輝人 Teruhito Yamazawa : tenor sax, flute
剛田武 Takeshi Goda : violin, flute, shinobue, hulusi, clarinet
佐伯武昇 Takenobu Saeki : trombone, percussion
& maddd mothafuccin’ Tenbatsu on the 火薬術 .. . ..

so brace for wild-as-fuck, unpredictable polymorph & impertinent improvisation cross-contorted from richly loquacious traditions with seasoned Jazz disciplines & distinctions clamouring with noise, parallel avant-garde, multi-sonic mutagens, adroit arcana, multifarious psychedelia, complex ever-improvising Byzantium Breakbeats & hurtling heterodoxy – little instruments, field recordings, esoteric percussion, synthesisers, toys, trombones, whistles, bells, chimes, violins, luo, gongs, reeds, keyboards, samples, & “all-screaming extravagances” …. far out, far fetched, far flung & far gone – turbo swing, & some of the illest break-beats or Advanced Fracture that ever toasted the reels …… all stewed in revolutionary fervour & emergency exclamations to split your prism hulk! MEDIC!!!

5-panel colour sleeve, mint ice-cream green shell in a Hello fkn Kitty pink case, hand-adhesed (heh!) colour stickers with glyph from legendary Cajun stylz-writer Kamakaze (sic), craw-numbered to x372 with all audio on RMT thread for superior sound sonics.

keep on dreaming!

Kuttekop-Tertiary Anomie Undoing EP / Mourmansk150 – Return to Nord-Ost – split cassette on Lo-fi or Die Rex:


Cripes! Kuttekop with eight more rare-vulgarian-vagaries of astute toxic garbage… just the weirdest, most shocking preternatural perturbations of horrific, freak-oddity extreme noisegrind Gunk garbage & enhanced swelling Industrial Breakcore grot contusion.


Mad French dissident & fringe anarchist insurrectionist Mourmansk150 with three tracks – resorting to some of the most extreme frequencies, improper distortions & searing, scalding harsh maul, melting extreme electronics & hostile agitations …. “NO CONTROL”!

Black case, white shell with custom ink stamps & stickers, 5-panel full-colour sleeve, A5 pull-out pamphlet, stickers, hand-numbered to x274 copies & wound on superior sound quality RMT cord.

Lord of Drub > > > > >
and the maddd bitccch shall wield the red moon – bringing singular destructive female purification …..

Yellow Girl under Red Moon during Black Dawn – triple 10”LP:

The new album! coming …. this evening.

Melanin momentum and the Moral Militia wi’ Sean Graham’s Jaz Evo:

Hakken! Will ya’ look at this fikir’ from way back? Let’s keep pretending it all never happened for the sake of various reputations & credibilities parasitising & plagiarising the primacy.

Biggg Knyf in tha Noggg – Erst-while Antrum #24:

The 24th edition of Erst-while Antrum – Biggg Knyf in tha Noggg is earborne.
So that’s Flensecore, Avant Ethno Jazz, Gunk, Phosphorus Funk, traditional Chinese folk & court music, harsh noise, Apoplexy, Glyph-Hop, No-Skool-Noyzcore, hysterical Free Jazz, Grindnoise, Ritual 手品師 conjuring – all bursting out of micro-denim-hot-pants like a Siamese goddess on a glass BMX hurtling down a remote jungle path with Suella Braverman’s burnt & bullet-riddled body bouncing behind on a coil of razor wire.
As exotic, histrionic, eye-waveringly esoteric, rod-poppingly eclectic & fervently frissoned as it gets.
18 tracks in almost 80 minutes of exhillarant, uber-energetic mind-expansive outpour to slush your channels & short your circuits, with no industry wank, arts council garbage, or establishment synthesis in radius.

X312 hand-numbered copies on a neon red spray-painted disc with aesthetically urticant artisan-wrap & inner-sleeve card on silk secreted sheet with paper-clip seal.
Unavailable from any commercial premises.
Unapologetic, unmoored, authentically anarchic art-absolutism for inviolable autonomy autogen invincibility.

Includes Kuttekop, RDKPL, Sewage, Mogre Mogru, Piscatorial Boat Herder, Ray Man Trio, Niles Asheber & Sun Ra Arkestra’s Kash Kilion collab, 機関銃爆発合奏団 with ルイス稲毛, 剛田武, 山澤輝人 & further phantasmagoria & euphoria.

More on BKN on Bleg shortly once the moon heaves her havoc …


pride and precipitance – distrait & “alarmingly” effusive – if not ebullient (ergo entelechy; even so; eventuum):

alethic at Wigmore Halcion …. HURRY!

dragged chanting & incanting from the pre-performance rehearsal session at Wigmore Hall .. some video footage of the benediction. behind the brine there is ….. Bakaaaaaaaaaaa!!

mothurrfukkurrz gon’ learn.

Reforester – Fuck Fossil Fuels is out this month? two editions, cassette version & compact disk alternate. cleaved as a split with Italian noisegrind rabble Eddie x Murphy for some hard garakuta rummage & photosynthesis scrummage. Reforester illuminated on this cutting by the Brazilian community defence specialist of ghetto scald & social brawler – God Pussy.
first audio extraction All-consuming Green below …. like cockatoos to your cochlea eh’ ducks?

Fuck Fossil Fuels > > >
druss drass dross … the unbidden.

clattering retch yuck Heracleides & cult-curio-cataclysm Kuttekop spray-spew trashed, amok, bedraggled, surrealist junk-suck & hard-hacking phantasm for flayed thinking & adverse-avant-oddity overdrive via the Zas undertow. – – Gunk – –

Chaplins Grog …. A difference of discommode (ratchet):


Produced a solo recording of myself & brotha’ Roscoe Mitchell going “Blacc Berzerk” at the sovereign Acklam Village. Dragged in the ace David Ross as sound engineer. Singular & seismic – superior standard stratospherics & the chaos of zen. Coming out as Evolutionary Events on my label Ethnicity Against the Error.

were you there?

A daily duel with deprivation ….. I guess you have to fuckin’ chortle, when elite art activists have to borrow their instruments – & borrow a bathroom to record in (literally! No kidding! No exaggeration!).
They want to Kevin fucking Eastman my arse!!! ><
The ever narrowing noose – & the dexterity & guile required to constantly slip its stricture…..争闘!

recording room – roukou rangda recriminations aka “ring my death-knell” & “drug me dunder”!!!
Kikanju Baku – Roscoe Mitchell – Simon Sieger – Dudù Kouate > > > >

closing the LCMF Festival at Wigmore Hall as a four-piece was a life well. Restraints on volume due to acoustics meant I had to forgo histrionics & ferocity, plumbing instead for lashings of arrant Avant otherworld & ornate ethnoglyphic abstrusions. The superb African percussionist Dudù Kouate was a fantastic counterpart, with exchange & closely-cohered interaction throughout – & between us – we had enough African, Chinese & Silk Road percussion to stock a souk! The entire performance was expertly recorded, so an album is inevitable. Some video footage will arrive shortly once edited.

Devil Man ….. in tha hoos’ …. turn those mfs out dadako no tengu!!
did yu mek it?
fuuuuuuuuuckin’ maniaaaaaaaaac!!! 神女 曲線
against all the odds, overpowering all adversities – we sprout, bloom, grow, jut, traject – & out of garbage & concrete & shit – the natural order reestablishes its divine pandemonium over man-made sterility. You can’t out-run the matriarch motherfuckers!
Niles Asheber

Commencing further recording sessions with Niles Asheber again … one of the original Sankofaz, & a stalwart of my “special prosecutions task-force” – Citizens of Nowhere, who joined the hunting party for the incendiary Revolt Against State Stimulated Stockholm Syndrome/No Justice = Justification double album.

ちゃちゃっと from the chantry:

Cool gig with Roscoe last saturday at The Big Sad – “Exhausted and Hysterical” doon in Woolwich Fireworks Factory. Nice to dust-off the flame-throwers nt´ gamma-cannons again & revive our combined pandemonium-preternatural-propensities for some reverse-gravity interstellar unbalancing….staff were all real cool too. We will also be recording another studio album in the coming week, so bulk buy bandages. Other surprises prowling.

raizin´ whorl!

Aka 嘴!

mass land evictions

The Maasai of Tanzania are enduring mass forced evictions from their ancestral lands by a callow, contemptuous & corrupt government enthralled to an international adversary & criminal exploiter – the United Arab Emirates. They need our immediate support, so git´ in it. Darwins Nightmare & We Come as Friends by documentarian Hubert Sauper capture the continuous pillage, misrule & theft. Fuck the United Arab Emirates. The “Brazilian front” seethes with the recent double-loss. Action is required from us all.

精進 Slipstream > > >
New Kuttekop split disc has been released on Zas Autoproduzione. so seven Kuttekop tracks of “insalubrious malformations, rare infections, esoteric vandalism & adverse deformity” from the depths of Issyk-Kul. Other “astute toxic surrealist garbage” from this artisan extremity are fast hurtling towards earth.
Kuttekop – new nox on Zas.
Occupy Democracy 2014 – a portent of piss-takes to ensue.
> > > > >