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The motherfuckin’ megrim mousseux – aka – makin’ maximum mutation! September – Japan – summoning a sundry of Noise, Gunk, Avant-garde, radical improvisation, Abnorm, heterodox Jazz & Farrago substructural thematics stewing out of control in cross-coordinating gulosity of stentorious stupefaction & psycho-surrealism-sensationalism. Y’ hear? A long circuitous history as an apostolic wanderer & provocateur in the region – it is time to rally the coenobium & divinate discursion. Recording sprees aside, the gigs confirmed so far are as follows –

further phatasmagon features foremost –

機関銃爆発合奏団/マグマトロン – Astral Tip-toe Uninhibited split LP:

ablaze .. Machine Gun Explosion Ensemble

reinforce your soft tissue – Machine Gun Explosion Ensemble & MAGMATRON split release is currently undergoing mastering & mixing. MGEE hurl three, raw, on-spot-improvised eruptions of weltering, corybantic, avant-jazz murrain, casting-off wild tangents & caterwauling cornucopic cross-currents, chaos spasm & esoteric steep. energetic vigour & screaming, tear-away, perfervid free-flow muddling classic eccentricities with advanced innovations & outgrowths for 360-degree exuberance.


マグマトロン discharge wild, impassioned, cacophonic outpourings harnessing the most dissonant strands of 60’s counterculture & far-flung avant “noise rock” or “new music” with a drummer who keenly coordinates classic skittering avant-jazz tumble & misshapen mind-bend. Brace for rolling thunder, lightening expelling shellac with all musicians doubling as adroit reed men who interchange instruments for 3-way avant psychedelic howl & melt off. Will be issued by the cult “phantom” imprimatur Ethnicity Against the Error with cover art by mad Legoniac.

rubenesque … gather your wits & stake your rove.

A series of albums & recordings are being mixed, fashioned & mastered now for a simultaneous escapologist theurgic nova at the end of the year which will include my studio carrousel with Hamiet Bluiett, & Erst-while Antrum #27 MerMILF versus Weirwolf among a fluttering of other extra-combustibles & face-ripping hi-ex hyp-act.