Numinous Luminous Voluminous!

hell for nether.


Considerable discharge for the acetabulums arriving imminently … lot on the shards, so stand by for further varyform coagulum & enhanced bedlam bodacity … for now, some vesicant & verdurous video scrounge to heap yur waffles high …

Hydrogen ॐ
Suella Braverman Shot Dead at Border Security


Kikanju Baku – new album – Persona Non Blaka … with Joseph Daley on tuba, Roscoe Mitchell on sax n’ reeds, Josh Roseman on trombone, & Patrick Marks aka pataphysics on trumpet. Resulting igneous extremitites to be issued as an artisan, hand-numbered, physical copy only, deluxe audio cassette on Ethnicity Against the Error before the end of the year.

w’ tym i’ is there mhaaan???


September Japan gigs now cancelled due to exceptionally egregious, degenerate & dishonourable circumstances – worthy of a fucking Trump minion – by reprobate, chancer, excrescent verminous-shit-follicle, fabulist & fraudster – Hiromi Kudo/Takeshi Goda/剛田武. Sorry to all that will be disappointed by this utter, utter, utter fuck-up by that sick, ignoble, unprincipled & untrustworthy reprobate, low-life, cheapskate, scum-wad, shit-ball & prankster knave.

betrayal, conspiracy, deception, dishonesty, treachery, cancellation …. fuck Takeshi Goda/Hiromi Kudo.

Thanks to those that quit in disgust.

Expect something better Japan side by a more dedicated, reliable, trustworthy & capable individual next year.

cancelled – due to rat fuck, ingrate & shit-bag 剛田武.