October Cardiac:

Undiagnosed Incipient.

First findings from a curious & curlicued Korean collective (currently innominate) recently recorded in Seoul subterranea. Two drummers, random recherché, preposterous FX-rig multicade & guitar-noise synth efflux, dextrous disorientation & compulsive inadvertency, fevered, cerebrally warping psychotropic lope geo-somatic morph, unexpected eccentricities, expansive transmutations in noise, abstraction, avant jazz, broken algebra, esoteric disaffirmation & all-espousing Alter Ergo on human passions against digitization.

first release on the wayward.

lusus nuturae 대방동 > > >
unbiddable undergone.

Lost in the wilderness …..

hyper avant-garde & deep ethno-jazz profundity with the eremetic ustad William Doran on trumpet & piano & sage Niles Hailstones on a conch shell & African drums.

Dark, mystic, arcane, sapient & far, far, far from civilizations concrete conveniences.

release impending …

more in moments …