Kink Responsibly.

Wallop Cervix
Blob Blab

Bollock Swine/Kylie Minoise – split tape:

Opening track Blob Blab from the new Bollock Swine Wallop Cervix 5yv-track ep, bled from the 大阪市“mow-down, melt-back & 멍멍이”sessions, finally out later this week as a split, high-vis-green, spray-can-stencilled cassette with doyen Scottish harsh noise highlander Kylie Minoise (Colossal Asteroid Hazard), on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper Tapes.

Interview with I Don’t Give A Fuck:

New interview, the most in-depth & quizzical so far, finished last summer/autumn, & rustled by I Don’t Give A Fuck agit-art from Spain … who puts every Jazz publication to shame by snatching the 抜きネタ whilst they all have their dicks in the till & their credibility in the can. The entire industry outperformed by some autistic kid in a Barcelona squat …. sounds about right muthafucca!


Spanish version –

English version –

print/zine version, with extras & exclusives, out later this summer.

Niles & Kikanju

The Mage and the Sage:

Slew of fresh improvised recordings with Niles Asheber – & others – with ongoing impetus. heavy ethno-avant-incantation-involutions … a split cassette with my Korean collective 무아 단 <MuaA Dan> will be out near the end of this month on Ethnicity Against the Error.

Missing Man and Wandering Wounded

more in a modicum …