Fuck Israel 7-way split cassette:

new release – savage moil, hard trauma, first degree rend & spontaneous organ ejection from grievous barbarian heavyweights God Pussy (Brazil), NxBx (Chile), PMNT (Brazil), 886VG (Chile), Estupor (Chile) & a cross-continent collision between Eine Stunde Merzbauten (Czech, Radek K of Napalmed) & 886VG.

“shooting unarmed demonstrators is illegal and the command that allows it is manifestly illegal.”

NABEG contribute two tracks of psycho-kinetic, smoldering Apoplexy – Spent Species a fierce skirmish from 2018 between 886VG & Baku as a live duo – suffuse with horrific feedback scald & ultra’ ultra harsh maim. finally – مسیرة العودة الكبري where the original two provocateurs are joined by Napalmed/ESM & PMNT, as well as ground zero audio from the 2018 Great March of Return – Gaza border protests in which the craven fascist shit-sucks in the IDF shot & gassed thousands of unarmed Palestinian protesters, killing hundreds, & wounding tens of thousands – children, women, medics, journalists & even the disabled (literally, shot dead in a wheelchair) in yet another round of appalling Israeli super criminality & inhumanity. the ever enlarging transgressions of that divergent frankenstein fuck-up of a country, the bloodshed, oppression, theft, racism, terrorism, impunity, bellicosity, lawless despotism, sex trafficking, rape, wretched cruelty & repellent maltreatment that brings so much disrepute & enmity towards innocent & non-partisan Jewish people who do not endorse, facilitate, approve or defend the criminal regime of Israel & it’s escalating extremities & crimes against humanity. ISRAEL DOES NOT REPRESENT THE JEWISH PEOPLE & THE JEWISH PEOPLE DO NOT REPRESENT ISRAEL -INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY- THE JEWISH PEOPLE WILL NOT BE TARRED BY ISRAEL’S RAMPANT & REPEATED CRIMINALITY & WAR CRIMES. – FUCK ISRAEL!

x118 hand-numbered copies on a specialized cassette resembling a gold-bar, high quality fou- panel sleeve, inserts, hand-crafted on-bodies with excerpts… no digital/online/commercial version, available from the artists.

nature nah lockdown laddy!

– pollen power-ups –

No pandemic can stop th pandemic – y’ diggg??? mothers serpentine root clasp (cold & clammy beneath the cursed crud)! – somehow, a large section of my early posts, videos, audio & downloads were slewed from my site during transmogrification. nothing untoward, just useless fuckers peeling paint & failing to fulfill forestry forensics. a years loss a centuries gain. re-uploading the Nozomi Nuptuals Neonatal Nose-Dive (NNNN) ep zip here from whence back erst ergo …2013 – shirabesu side-winding! The Sankofaz audio zip also vanished into th fast flowing current…will post again once I relocate. otherwise, new stuff is close to completion, hanging out the lab door, fangs chattering & overrunning security – soon.


potions & perturbations. new release, new band, new label – “More Goy Girls for Ghislaine” – Toff Stabber pitted against the draconian savagery of ultra harsh bray, cleave mar & gouge from Stridor whoppers Kylie Minoise, 886VG, Digital Noise Distortion & PMNT, with one long gilets jaunes themed distress & apprehension loaded destabilization from a resurfaced Mourmansk150. Kika drubbing is x3 trax as Toff Stabber – a freak accident resulting in th worse case wounding describable, atrociously acute, chronically contused & severe hardline Gunk, Noisegrind, green-stick-fracture unseemly Breakcore, Apoplexy Riot-Gear discordance deformity & disastrous damage.. like a stone-weapon fight between warring neanderthal tribes with laureate quantum mathematicians involved. oh! & th topography is all about killing rich people, so yu kno yur in th right place pet ^_- , guitar noise more disgusting than clotted stomach fluids admixed with suppurating beached whale carcass run-off left to ferment in a bog-man’s bladder .. terrible, repulsive, shocking, havoc-mired & awful plus breath-snatchingly intense, terrifying & bellicose guddle on a level that no other shit is offering.

thermo fructose succulency!!!

high quality three panel full colour insert with art direction from Non-Negotiable-Notoriety, colour pull-outs, translucent pink cassette with black hubs & hand decorated shell, ivory case with copper spray integument, limited to x126 hand numbered copies. over 40 minutes of singularly appalling reave, ravage & rend for th furthermost of fuck-ups & fankle!!! £7.50 each plus postage. emergencyemancipation[at]protonmail.ch

due discerption:

rot yur own face off!

Rot runs into yer rents! Get a dose of doughty. – something in th cauldron..wait! … maybe even this month, if not, shortly within it’s tail appendage. Elsewhere, – the information embargo & establishment containment contiguity suffered their first breach, a four course ordeal on SomethingElse! detailing th recent Revolt/Justice double album. sink yur suckers right along th wounds stem – http://somethingelsereviews.com/2019/12/25/kikanju-baku-and-citizens-of-nowhere-no-justice-justification-and-revolt-against-state-stimulated-stockholm-syndrome-2019/

being the pariah, fugitive, persona-non-grata, nemesis renegade, black-balled beast of th crags, not to mention a meritocrat, which seems to be th biggest deliction doable in this nest of celeb shysters & corruption merchants, don’t expect any of it to make it to surface publications or orthodox channels as I am barred, tarred & marred with th blackest brand of blacklist blotch. column inch’s for cash! bribes via advertising. Weinstein & dine me! Fuck those vice & venality sodden fabrication floggers. somebody needs to get th fuckin’ Competitions & Markets Authority & th financial conduct watchdogs to bust this shit-ring of mendacity moguls…th dirt these colostomy counts get away with!, & the collusive grifters nibbling at their dead skin. Anyone else that operates autonomous, – record shops & bloggers that are not enthralled to th industries corrupt encopresis, give us a tinkle – emergencyemancipation@protonmail.ch

for dis-empowerment to work – yu need to make sure th most powerful remain hidden. – “don’t get any funny ideas!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *

confirmed culprits:

crimes, atrocities & transgressions … that will never be forgotten, minimized or diverted … & only bloat, entrench & inflame in their denotation of guilt, wickedness & obscenity.. pouring out of the wounds depths.

Kikanju Baku & Citizens of Nowhere New; double album – out & unprecedented:

Revolt Against State Stimulated Stockholm Syndrome – No Justice = Justification

Viral outbreak. No delay in delivery but a procrast on pronouncement… its out mzerkfzurx! a connoisseur double dizk omnium-gatherum of the most excruciating peregrine rogue rapid reactionary revanchist riotous recalcitrance. The boat is not pushed, it is propelled, profoundly, to the point of pure paroxysm & preternatural permutation. Deluxe double disc, detailed on-bodies, ultra high quality specialised-card dual-wallet/gatefold, massive 12 panel plush fold-out with extravagant montage (Non-Negotiable-Noteriety) & giant photographic compositions rendered in scalding detail. All execrations, exasperations & ostentations expelled throughout 2018 & cherry picked from multiple sessions between three varying units (Concussion Projectile Trio, Condign, Baku/Asheber duo) comprising seven musicians (886VG, Mad Hwa, Luke Stewart, Reg Bloor, Chris Pitsiokos & Niles Asheber). Hand numbered to x500 copies. Trebuchet’d by the fugitive firebrand cataclysm Ethnicity Against the Error records. Completely, utterly & consummately independent & insubordinate from any & all industry/scene/machine/establishment intervention & adulteration – apex autonomy of superior strength, caliber & integrity.

Untethered record shops, bondage free blogs & those not umbilicaled to the rectal refinery of prescribed shit-screened commodity capture & carefully-controlled manufactured malmerit & malfeased manipulation monopoly mendacity – direct to source – emergencyemancipation@protonmail.ch … I won’t be bunging bribes to the Liar magazine via the cover of “paid advertising” to secure surface exposure in this insanely corrupt sump of fraudulent disinformation deluge. Fuck their corruption.

Pulling out on Art Ensemble at the Barbican, Disney Land Marseille, class war & cultural appropriation, senescence & indignity & the burning blade of temerity in th grip of th war dancer:

Mark Resemble! Did yu miss th craziest motherfucker of th lot? Unfortunately, ditching th downgraded doppelgänger became a must. Oh we wuz all enthusiasm – th day of th rehearsal was th release/arrival of my new dbl album, more frenzy & perspiration intercepting x1000 copy dumps from residential proxies to drag back to th crypt, then loading th surgeons wrack for’ for, for’ th prodrome with th incoming consociation. All tingles & titubation at this stage, crash th op a lirrul’ late with nuts in knots, ensconce & roll out th ouja. Hey! Whats up with this fat wilting fuck Douche Moye? Like, major prickery? Somebodies got urchins in th rectum, what giveth? I met this washed-out-crease twice over th last two years, & he was initially absolutely cool, jovial even, until that is, we exchanged CD’s, then th guy just clammed up like a nuns node…aw shit! Not another case phenomena of terrified, resentful detractordom? A dawning deterioration started to uncoil its pulsing prolapse into what had been conceptually a very exciting scenario which I had been otherwise looking forward to… I watched in horror as it became apparent that th man with half th creative authority over th unfolding session demonstrated th worst example of decrepitude & terminal deflation I have ever witnessed in my life. Douche Moye is washed-over, belly-up & arse out – DEAD-IN-THE-FUCKIN-WATER!!! I ain’t never seen a greater paragon of how to age disgracefully. Its a crying’ shame, cos’ back in th day, Douche was a fine drummer, cutting planks wi’ th swiftness on some excellent numbers with & outside of AEOC. Art Ensemble stumbled into some dodgy territory in the 80’s for a moment, producing some poor quality records on Japanese label DIW that were a mockery of their former prestige. A lot of great musicians from th 60’s & 70’s succumbed to this hazard, with many never recovering from the diminishment & its subsequent entropy. Douche is one such casualty, got lost to this dreadful era & never recovered, he never shook th shitness & it clings to him in a solidified form to this very day like a wreath of fecal. Aside his polar opposite Roscoe, there were some very good musicians in session. Douche, by miles the most inferior musician present, was clearly petrified, but still retained executive privilege over his compositions (half th set or whatever). His insecurity stank & he acted like an anus to somehow counteract his screaming inadequacy. It was surreal – th weakest link ordering around his superiors. Even worse, his compositions were so rectal it beggared belief. Th kind of shit yu would expect from a pub band in th Australian outback, mf I wish I were joking! Th clown also instructed me specifically to play them as shit as possible, so shit songs played at optimal shitness! Unimaginably it got even worse, – Douche started pulling out “artificial African” material….th shit was so fucking grave, it bordered on racial stereotyping, I was actually shocked. Elton John’s ‘Lion King’ had more authenticity, it was absolutely appalling. I was snatching looks with Roscoe like, “bro! Are yu actually fucking serious?”. It was an extraordinary situation. I started to just observe from a sociological perspective – this absolutely ridiculous spectacle, insane, nonsensical, idiotic … it was fascinating to witness, like a pantomime. I took another African musician along to th drop (not th Douche dogshit ersatz falsified African version), he wanted nothing to do with that weak shit despite being persistently pressed by Douche to join tomorrows show at th Barbican. Later on in th event, when Roscoe resumed command, we did finally actually get to disembogue some shit worth th effort, th only saving grace to the flatliner. It was a necessary deturge after hours of conformist constipation & confinement. I went home with my furrows frothing at th whole multivalent madness & 3d-contradiction with every intention to follow through on th following days performance despite th massive down-scaling & deduction Douche Disney had shat over th potential furor. But in th early hours of th morning th apprehension & ruminations started…i noticed how I had literally zero enthusiasm about th impending droop, it was a chore to dust & dismiss with an endurance mentality. Also, I don’t want to be caught dead playing credibility corroding cack, & some of that shit was career-destroyingly cringesom, if not potentially ethnically insulting. Its a high profile show & I don’t need no clips of me online piddling ponce to a bunch of lemmings. & there it was, – no way could I go through with this fuckery! I had to withdraw on grounds of quality & I had to be candid about it. This revelatory certitude was accompanied by a great rush of relief. It wasn’t just th music, my discomfort about th venue was an additional tribulation. 25 quid a ticket? No one from th barrio then…playing to yuppies as part of a tired relic that still has brand-currency as part of kowtowing in th ashes of former glory from an over milked decade being rebranded for a few more units of showbiz – nah niggu, yu can go fuck yurselves! I’d sooner rather burn down th Barbican than play it, yer kno wo’ iym sayin’??? oh brother Mitchell? – He totally understood a young radicals actions. not in this for th cotton wool fukur. So not for th first time, I holstered th blade of integrity, zipped th smock & disappeared into tha rain! Th current machine hype around Art Ensemble’s exhumation should not detract that this group did some spectacular work in th 60’s & 70’s that’s been very dear to me long before th contemporary resuscitation, but I can’t endorse this spent force armchair shit, & yu kno it was really about those 5 guys, not a whole crew of coat-tail clingers parachuted into another mf’s pageant decades down th line. There is nothing revolutionary here any more. To all th youth out there, never do it for th money – that makes yu a prostitute & a coward with a worn ring – always take th moral option & fuck all sell outs!


Kash Killion

Ragwort. Of all th places – & why not??? Bows & sparrows. Th ships prow, th bushman’s meander. Kash Killion of th Sun Ra Arkestra, Niles Asheber & Blakuhatsu intuition & sedition delve at random. Rain on th savanna.

Niles Asheber
– trifurcating tendrils –