Reforester-Undisturbed Woodland Habitat cassette LP unt other unbridled instability & disreputability:

yuta! yuta! yushosha yaju

Undisturbed Woodland Habitat, the new LP from Reforester, is now out. inexhaustible & unerring user-hostile woods-worshipping No-Skool-Noyzcore…tear-away, with truly shocking stamina, speed & endurance. The most viscous of sap, the thickest of trunk, the fuckest of Gunk …. smothered, saturated, sodden, over-laden blast-glut. more moku on the matter here –

undisturbed woodland habitat

Basayev Inductions 04 is under production… Kuttekop will be contributing, drums already expelled/expostulated/expatriated – spectacular harsh noise marauders can submit secretions to emergencyemancipation<a> – meritocracy is the modus & motive.

Fatal new video of some recent solitary refinement 刻む –


Reforester/886VG split cassette is under amplification … ungoverned, & unresponsive to officialdom or authority.

Kuttekop 12”LP is queuing at the pressing plant…not long now, so brace to ingurgitate & quaff reactor refuse, saline sediment back-swill & hazardous haihin gomikuzu tox-trash-transmog tumidity turmoil triage tumescence (テスティング).

NABEG …. underclass, usury, usurpation

New NABEG LP is coming……..

lorra’ other junk…i can’t keep up with it all … not sure about the Turkmen?