EXIGENT UNPROFESSIONALISM; Tha Gutter Gakushouuuuuuu!:

moon’s mood motivates mine …. she is conversant … energy is ongoing/incoming … lunar lingual. take the radiance & convert to craft.

GOD’S CHOSEN RAPISTS, Basayev Inductions 04, is airborne. shocking, over-driven, berserk & inconsolable shit-stomp from Kuttekop, Terrorist Kriss, Hinyouki, Abesta, 886VG, Xah, RDKPL, God Pussy, Mourmansk150, Natural Nihilismo, Nightstick, PMNT & Sewage, with art/design from Non-Negotiable Notoriety dealing explicitly with the US-UK-Saudi Arabia-Israel-United Arab Emirates-Egypt mega corruptocracy – transnational criminal group participation & collusive kleptocratic coaction. Hand-numbered to 193 copies. more muddlings at https://kuttekop.jigokuki.org/222-2/


Kuttekop’s TRANSVERSE TOXOSPUMOSIS 12”LP is ‘ucked. sixteen eruptions of immense peculiarity,

museum deformity antique derivation noisecore & chronic circus-oddity noisegrind, tosh tox surrealist garbage obscurantism overspill. Limited to 300 prangs.

Kuttekop – Vuln Suck – from Transverse Toxospumosis 12″LP, out now on Supreme Tool Supplies
elsewhere intellectualism. a danger – to the established order. deposition.

First video footage of new project 走り抜く <Hashirinuku>… super sou-sou, psycho-dynamic, explosive, ultra-agile sprint-Grindcore/Gratecore/Gunk. Drums for two LPs; HARD DASH & SPRINTER already rucked. Anticipate some very able personnel from the international Grind/Grate spectrum, the harsh Noise & Gunk quarter, & hyperactive pyro-jazz iconoclasm to come froth the frenzy.

走り抜 > > > > >

走り抜く is interesting, as it’s generation requires/demands the “improvised composition” discipline/resource/resolve, as the time, facility, opportunity & utility are simply not available, in the typical arid, barren & starved environment that a niggu’ is forced to operate in, & the ingenuity & endurance that is recurrently required to transcend it! 内闘争.

Hey! A motley of my audio downloads were sidelined/sanctioned/sequestered when the website was modified/transferred/grafted & became inactive/dud/absent … so here is most of them again with the corrected link, for free dissemination.

Bollock Swine-Faster Than all the Rest: http://jigokuki.org/bollockswine/media/BS-FTR.zip

Concussion Projectile Trio-Enko Ecto Explo: https://www.gakishidosha.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Concussion-Projectile-enko-ecto-explo-EP.zip

NABEGEconomy = Extinction: https://www.gakishidosha.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Nabeg-EEE-EP-1.zip

しぬ マザーファッキング うじむし-Natsumi Pax a Micro Uzi in Her Lunchbox: https://www.gakishidosha.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Shinu%20Mazafakingu%20Ujimushi.zip

others are on this site …. jus´ diggg.