sucking virus & gurgling death in a waste-land flooded with pluto tox:

Dr. Blacclist sleeps in his own rot & gets more ass than a colposcope! no sell-out! ever.

mucal murmurations. lockdown? shut the fuck-up ho & go suck syringe ….been very busy machinating, metastasizing & manifolding – how odd, that in a period of induced inaction & universal stasis i am more productive than usual? nature flourishes when the machine stops – pick your side. i actually had a rehearsal room, of sorts, for a spell – been going berserk & have reigned in a few creatives that are stoic & insistent enough to flounce & fabulate during the viral-tizzy (it ain’t easy – most motherfuckers are in acute paralysis & can’t function without their chambermaids & cues from their ventriloquists).

struggle. scavenge. strive.


one new project that has been lavished considerable meld is Kuttekop – hyper maverick, insubordinately irregular, insufferably peculiar, antiphonic – awful – atrophied, fiendishly fevered, desperately weird, & replete with rare neurological disorders & freak accident -allllllllll the way! its….its… adversely derogative No-Skool-Noyzcore/Gunk ingests vintage analog Industrial lour & hard-boiled harsh electronics impugns absurdly fractured & flensed jazz jeremiad antiphonic avant influenza skitz-blitz-& reduced to mottled bitz. pulling out all the stops are two notorious, scar-riddled loons – Dennis Van Geldrop from uniquely weltering 90’s Dutch User-Hostile blast gunk unit Nee! conjoined with psychological damage specialist Sjak Von Brussel – aka – DMDN, a grizzled mage & unapproachable drifter of Industrial Noise & extreme electronics with an illustrious index of illness harking back to the 80s. guys! guys?! …… we really cannot guarantee your safety here. macerations for an LP & a split 7″ are practically complete, with the groups debut disgorgement featuring on the new Mendacity Mogul eleven-way compilation cassette on Basayev Inductions.



Reforester, my 2013 forest-fixated blast-noisecore project is back, & in a big way – careening, viridescent blastcore shred-noisegrind & the most graminaceous of Gunk straight-out of the woodlands deepest depths & the clammy peaks of the remotest cloud-forest & densest jungle hinterlands. five tracks of sap-heavy, branch-splaying purification, pulverization & naturalization & the plumpest plumations of swaying flora for the ultimate explosive, exhilarating exclamation to shrive the metropolis’s moil & wipe-clean mans pathetic urban impositions & encroachments are out on the Mendacity Mogul compilation, sure to expedite even the most ignorant urbanite back to the fuckin’ esseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeence ^0^ donguri! donguri! donguri!

Sphincter is scumming.

Mendacity Mogul:

speaking of Mendacity Mogul, this is the third one we have demolished, & it is the most extravagant & excruciating (which is saying something with the label’s standards) bloody hell chuck! – that is a labour of love & blood …. & yeah, Drupert Turdcoch gets his shriveled shit-brain smashed & sprayed, that no-good criminal cock-sucker colosto-count scunge pox!!! more details/entrails/chem-trails on MM here snuggles –

aw´ hell! i need to put out Biggg Nyf in tha Noggg, Erst-While Antrum #26, ……. there is now a surplus of material, just gotta juice th art, master & mix. #27 may follow swiftly as there is now a backlog bulging & refulging …. some very interesting extractions in this muddling madness …. producing under/during this mess is triple vexatious … constant disruption, death, displacement, closure, hiatus, reduced-capacity, cratered personnel doddering the doldrums & inordinate aggravations to already demanding endeavors – chop em’ up & lop their lard all the same kiddd!

when youth demonstrate more decency than th suck-arse adults- yu kno jyv has to change!!!


New NABEG! that’s right yu shitttz! – the incomparable & peerless juggernaut of impossibly irascible & incendiary Apoplexy & uber-unrest poised for a further profusion of pandemonium & sweeping demolition clamour from a fringe cell of Chechen secessionists …. dispensed an entire albums worth in one session – so the terms are demarcated …. now to usher the garrison & stage the assault. expect A-grade maulers weighing in on another international task-force of punishment specialists – all in awe of the spectacular indignation & moral clarity of Asian youth, Thailand being the source material for this effort … with a little help from … Belarus!

never before – & never since! – & every one of those fkn toys knows it – scar on tissue! 無冠の帝王
a few cuts/deft slash – PBH

Piscatorial Boat Herder:

Piscatorial Boat Herder. by the scruff of thine scrotum – can it be yu? the blackest, most forbidden, most recondite & radical incident of corporately-concealed, industry suppressed British Jazz history – the sublime & searingly scintillating Piscatorial Boat Herder, a bass & drums duo like n-o-t-h-i-n-g- e-l-s-e e-v-e-r which went on to precipitate another gigantic establishment cover-up The Sankofaz. Phosphorus Funk, Glyph Hop, turbo-tempo-jazz, kinetic Jungle, singularly complex floridity & preposterous inventive kink – balling & burning the fuck outta’ control, pussy wut!? der burnzzz have still not healed over a decade later whilst imposters plagiarize in our embers & fall at the first preliminary … anyways, lets throttle the record straight – i will release the retrospective, definitive codex LP/mix of this still totally unrivalled funking phosphorous from that period (2007-2012) in some scrape or swarm soonish – so watch yur date palms.

– Com Supremo Com Tudo –

Com Supremo Com Tudo:

released the debut LP from Brazil’s PMNT – a new sentinel of anti-corruption harsh draconian scorch/scour/scald – loaded to melting-point with embittered indignation conflagration. glorious harsh progressive Stridor prime from an apex predator. for those uninformed, this detonation joins a sprawling list of vinyl/cassette/CD/CDR releases i have produced/directed/organised/released etc, over two decades of hack n’ slash. fuck flakes better catch-th-fuck-up!

Gone are the Guilds Gongs:

we lost our emporium (x9 again) …. over twenty years of the deepest, ancient Chinese culture – expunged – in one fell swoop ….by a motherfucking Israeli mega-developer! – welcome to sterility. sacrilegious vandalism of the highest modal. cultural death sentence – wanton nihilism. but some of the monasteries mavens survived – we will avenge our clan & export our teachings & creative ideologies. seeds to the wasteland.

oh th trees? kin! – iym so glad yu ask … a record year (on top of a hitherto record year) – th forest is massively expanding – emanating oxygen & spraying life.

oh there’s more ducks! just yu wait. for despite all their concentric efforts, whilst there are bolts in my bollocks & varnish in my veins – centrifugal cataclysm concentrations will keep cascading……..counterclockwise.