Biggg Knyf in tha Noggg – Erst-while Antrum #24:

The 24th edition of Erst-while Antrum – Biggg Knyf in tha Noggg is earborne.
So that’s Flensecore, Avant Ethno Jazz, Gunk, Phosphorus Funk, traditional Chinese folk & court music, harsh noise, Apoplexy, Glyph-Hop, No-Skool-Noyzcore, hysterical Free Jazz, Grindnoise, Ritual 手品師 conjuring – all bursting out of micro-denim-hot-pants like a Siamese goddess on a glass BMX hurtling down a remote jungle path with Suella Braverman’s burnt & bullet-riddled body bouncing behind on a coil of razor wire.
As exotic, histrionic, eye-waveringly esoteric, rod-poppingly eclectic & fervently frissoned as it gets.
18 tracks in almost 80 minutes of exhillarant, uber-energetic mind-expansive outpour to slush your channels & short your circuits, with no industry wank, arts council garbage, or establishment synthesis in radius.

X312 hand-numbered copies on a neon red spray-painted disc with aesthetically urticant artisan-wrap & inner-sleeve card on silk secreted sheet with paper-clip seal.
Unavailable from any commercial premises.
Unapologetic, unmoored, authentically anarchic art-absolutism for inviolable autonomy autogen invincibility.

Includes Kuttekop, RDKPL, Sewage, Mogre Mogru, Piscatorial Boat Herder, Ray Man Trio, Niles Asheber & Sun Ra Arkestra’s Kash Kilion collab, 機関銃爆発合奏団 with ルイス稲毛, 剛田武, 山澤輝人 & further phantasmagoria & euphoria.

More on BKN on Bleg shortly once the moon heaves her havoc …