pride and precipitance – distrait & “alarmingly” effusive – if not ebullient (ergo entelechy; even so; eventuum):

alethic at Wigmore Halcion …. HURRY!

dragged chanting & incanting from the pre-performance rehearsal session at Wigmore Hall .. some video footage of the benediction. behind the brine there is ….. Bakaaaaaaaaaaa!!

mothurrfukkurrz gon’ learn.

Reforester – Fuck Fossil Fuels is out this month? two editions, cassette version & compact disk alternate. cleaved as a split with Italian noisegrind rabble Eddie x Murphy for some hard garakuta rummage & photosynthesis scrummage. Reforester illuminated on this cutting by the Brazilian community defence specialist of ghetto scald & social brawler – God Pussy.
first audio extraction All-consuming Green below …. like cockatoos to your cochlea eh’ ducks?

Fuck Fossil Fuels > > >
druss drass dross … the unbidden.

clattering retch yuck Heracleides & cult-curio-cataclysm Kuttekop spray-spew trashed, amok, bedraggled, surrealist junk-suck & hard-hacking phantasm for flayed thinking & adverse-avant-oddity overdrive via the Zas undertow. – – Gunk – –