Chaplins Grog …. A difference of discommode (ratchet):


Produced a solo recording of myself & brotha’ Roscoe Mitchell going “Blacc Berzerk” at the sovereign Acklam Village. Dragged in the ace David Ross as sound engineer. Singular & seismic – superior standard stratospherics & the chaos of zen. Coming out as Evolutionary Events on my label Ethnicity Against the Error.

were you there?

A daily duel with deprivation ….. I guess you have to fuckin’ chortle, when elite art activists have to borrow their instruments – & borrow a bathroom to record in (literally! No kidding! No exaggeration!).
They want to Kevin fucking Eastman my arse!!! ><
The ever narrowing noose – & the dexterity & guile required to constantly slip its stricture…..争闘!

recording room – roukou rangda recriminations aka “ring my death-knell” & “drug me dunder”!!!
Kikanju Baku – Roscoe Mitchell – Simon Sieger – Dudù Kouate > > > >

closing the LCMF Festival at Wigmore Hall as a four-piece was a life well. Restraints on volume due to acoustics meant I had to forgo histrionics & ferocity, plumbing instead for lashings of arrant Avant otherworld & ornate ethnoglyphic abstrusions. The superb African percussionist Dudù Kouate was a fantastic counterpart, with exchange & closely-cohered interaction throughout – & between us – we had enough African, Chinese & Silk Road percussion to stock a souk! The entire performance was expertly recorded, so an album is inevitable. Some video footage will arrive shortly once edited.

Devil Man ….. in tha hoos’ …. turn those mfs out dadako no tengu!!
did yu mek it?
fuuuuuuuuuckin’ maniaaaaaaaaac!!! 神女 曲線
against all the odds, overpowering all adversities – we sprout, bloom, grow, jut, traject – & out of garbage & concrete & shit – the natural order reestablishes its divine pandemonium over man-made sterility. You can’t out-run the matriarch motherfuckers!
Niles Asheber

Commencing further recording sessions with Niles Asheber again … one of the original Sankofaz, & a stalwart of my “special prosecutions task-force” – Citizens of Nowhere, who joined the hunting party for the incendiary Revolt Against State Stimulated Stockholm Syndrome/No Justice = Justification double album.