New Law Facilitates Crime moil in th works

Acquisitioned two phantom guitar players for new Law Facilitates Crime material, commencing via overdub (for distance purposes & lack of facility). That plausibility alone has galvanized considerable invention…currently sitting on seventeen new dethroned regimes with more destined for discerption. The stringent complexity of the projects rapid-martial-kinetics requires a proficiently technical accomplice, not to mention razor-worthy tightness & the necessary cosh-grind abrade.. a substantial set of requirements for one assailant to possess in full. Fuuuuuuck! I need six guitar players acting individually on this single project, so I can belt-out the blat & dash it to baying insurrectionists that can keep pace with th roust. If yer’ a substantially agile Grindcore guitarist that can handle staunchly formidable technicality, non-linear time signatures & split-second celeritous shifts with a pash for turbo-velocity ferocity, drop us some lard wash & les’ see what yu got ducks (just make sure yur fuckin’ good ok?!). All this shits being written (like everything else over th last six years) on a substitute, low-quality mesh-head adorned kit that is yanked from storage & assembled in a living-room before being devised from scratch on th spot & captured on a Blackberry then run through Audacity. Th wretch, he doth scavenge, yet produceth a welt of fatal exception without peer ^0^ emergencyemancipation[at]protonmail[dot]ch

Gunge Hump 101

Gunge Hump 101 Excerpt

Holy-mother of magnanimity! Th twenty second edition of Erst-While Antrum, otherwise uttered under/as/ancillary – “Gunge Hump 101” .  hey it’s a giant love-in & wig-out with soaring kinetics, rabid pyromantics & hysterical thrigmotropism & nine-limbed acrobatic ovulations from the Concussion Projectile Trio (Chris Pitsiokos, Luke Stewart n’ Kikanju Blacclist) + Free-Form Phosphorous Funk unit     极剧动 & Weasel Walter wit’ Forbes & Young, accompanied by disposable rummage Texas trash-noise-junk-jumble odd-fuck duo Miracle Power Combination, and then! and then! – a spiffing shroud of tenebrous & confused Ukrainian Death Industrial, intoxicated Extreme Electronics that’s positively heaving with samples stuffing… like, stodged & bodged with no wink & nod. Doesn’t come with a free tea-cozy knitted from the stomach lining of felled Tory knaves, but it does have a hand painted dual-colour on-body & mo’ fantastically lurid & fanatically original artwork, hand numbered to 222 copies. Available from emergencyemancipation[at] & directly via the contributing artists themselves. More glyphs on the gleam can be glommed.

Enchanted Fruity Melon Esculents/Thought Encryption

Bollock Swine: EFME Excerpt
Law_Facilitates_Crime: Thought Ecryption EP Excerpt

Split cassette with Law Facilitates Crime. Tha sacred fruity melon… wall-to-wall Blur & Blast…no middle ground, j-j-j-j-j-just Hard-Vacuum hyper Blur Blast Torikowashi shred-flay User-Hostile No-Skool-Noyzcore mega hysteria to knock all suctions off th udders paunch. Ridiculous, utmost & utterly uncontested frenzy-fusillade fucketh-fastest. Law Facilitates Crime – turbo blast Gratecore Math-Grind with Maddest of all Motherfuckers-Kikanju Baku on drums. Neon-green cassette, beyond sensory-spank art & design, fold-out, double-sided pamphlet. 333 hand numbered copies on Tetsubish Gob-Stopper tapes. Available from emergencyemancipation[at]protonmail[dot]ch


Yummy new tape – 神经刺痛 is here to romp a spud-fowl in yur sparse. Double session damage dollops & tea-room trollops – 3 irreparable turbo blast-blur Neko-Neko-Noyzcore dive-bombs from Bollock Swine circa 2005 Chicago (guitar, drums) & two streaming, spitting, bubbling vats of scream-splashed, virago-vicissitude-venereal blurt harsh Gunk Gush-Gyna (Noyz, duo-gurl-banshee, drums) from 2018 London. Breast milk belligerence. Oh! & they joined by OPS-PSF, Miracle Power Combination, Wage-Slave Exchange, Drogded, Animal Machine, Sewage, 886VG, New World, Sedem Minut Strachu, Shit Noise Bastards, Sodoma 93, sweet sounds of the burning child & Qebrus for whopping rend harsh, Gunk galore, extra’ extra condensed blat-fuck, User-Hostile Blur Noisegrind trash trauma & mega skip-hump Glitch accelerated abnormality discharge. All crushed onto a pink cassette, with customized stamp daub, giant full-colour double sided poster, colour Obi, colour sticker & coloured cassette case conjured by the scoundrels at Tetsubish Gob-Stopper/Jigokuki.

Drub Affiance

Scribble me a presidential assassination. don’t yu worry those nether-nodules… under th flash of pink thunder & howling hunks of absolutist-Ha-Ha-Ha, a 13 way split deluxe cassette of hypso-Gunk/Stridor with glow-in-th-dark splodge is about to spew it’s load! Are yu ready? Are yu able? Do yu possess th proportions? Very few can navigate through th fog of fuscous

NABEG: Our Vision for Your Future (CDR)

NABEG: Our Vision for Your Future Excerpt

2008 banking crisis mega larceny…the longer that no redress is proffered from the offending entities, the larger the bill – it’s time to collect! Demolished in 2015, “Our Vision for Your Future” exacts five new onslaughts of Flensecore in 35 minutes. Urgent, critical, melt-down, fall-out, turbo-hyper kinetic, withering ineffable irascibility & emergency apoplexic fulmination through an extraordinary teratogen of extreme Breakcore-Fray-RiotGear-Glitch-Drill n’ Waste, Anti-Listener improvisation, Noise-Noisecore-Blur-Shred, the most strenuous & assaulting divisions of rabid Free Jazz & discordant psychedelia abrasion splashed with Industrial corrosives & extreme Electronics esemplasticity. Unmatched & unparalleled, deeply politicized anti free-market, anti-corruption, anti-deception, retaliatory rioting. an absolute furor of anti-oppressor, planetary emancipatory & ethical violence & revolutionary fanaticism in it’s most volcanic & turbulent form. Released on mutant maverick Erst-while Antrum, hand crafted, non-manufactured four colour-onbody, hand numbered to 256 copies & released with complete self-sufficiency with no support from a blind, deaf, dumb & corrupt-as-shit idiot industry. Walk as you talk motherfuckers!       

Available for £6.50 from, Gobbledy Gunk Distro & a few other committed, free-thinking, non-prostrated, shackle-free, mobilized motherfuckers th world over (awareness assessment, seek & find, display yur hunting prowess, exercise independence & initiative).