NABEG: Our Vision for Your Future (CDR)

NABEG: Our Vision for Your Future Excerpt

2008 banking crisis mega larceny…the longer that no redress is proffered from the offending entities, the larger the bill – it’s time to collect! Demolished in 2015, “Our Vision for Your Future” exacts five new onslaughts of Flensecore in 35 minutes. Urgent, critical, melt-down, fall-out, turbo-hyper kinetic, withering ineffable irascibility & emergency apoplexic fulmination through an extraordinary teratogen of extreme Breakcore-Fray-RiotGear-Glitch-Drill n’ Waste, Anti-Listener improvisation, Noise-Noisecore-Blur-Shred, the most strenuous & assaulting divisions of rabid Free Jazz & discordant psychedelia abrasion splashed with Industrial corrosives & extreme Electronics esemplasticity. Unmatched & unparalleled, deeply politicized anti free-market, anti-corruption, anti-deception, retaliatory rioting. an absolute furor of anti-oppressor, planetary emancipatory & ethical violence & revolutionary fanaticism in it’s most volcanic & turbulent form. Released on mutant maverick Erst-while Antrum, hand crafted, non-manufactured four colour-onbody, hand numbered to 256 copies & released with complete self-sufficiency with no support from a blind, deaf, dumb & corrupt-as-shit idiot industry. Walk as you talk motherfuckers!       

Available for £6.50 from, Gobbledy Gunk Distro & a few other committed, free-thinking, non-prostrated, shackle-free, mobilized motherfuckers th world over (awareness assessment, seek & find, display yur hunting prowess, exercise independence & initiative).

Absolute Autonomy

No agent! No manager! No distributor! No publicist! No publishing company! I adhere exclusively to meritocracy, actuality & veracity. Being reliable, fair, honest, diligent & vigilant among this morass of fraudulent, commercially-prostrated husk-brained shits ain’t easy, but it is essential. Professionalism is a euphemism for ignoring/suppressing/contaminating the fundamental tenets of humanity & emulating a machine/artificial thinking that is contrary to natural principles for the sake of short-term situational advantage in a system of pure corruption & dishonesty. It is deceitful & degenerative on an absolute core scale – fuck professionalism. As for officialdom! – Derived from the expression “office” (so yu kno this gon’ be bad news), this is where a second synthetic reality is devised & then imposed on the real world. One voice, publication, vetting mechanism, body “decides” what is admitted for entirely ulterior advantages in a form of hierarchal perception management & supreme mendacity. The system/verdict transcends actuality/reality & allows for control & corruption in a manner that can enact the utmost duplicity/ error/ falsification, totally contrary to truth & universal laws, even when screamingly blatant. Officialdom has nothing to do with truth, justice or reality. Fuck officialdom. Vend, bend & pretend. So many institutions & industries are so infested & this mendacity & malpractice has become so entrenched, orthodox & familiar, that many now can’t even detect it. at some point, you have to throw down with the machine, unless you’re going to settle for sham & slavery. & fuck the appropriation of free-thinking human/beast ingenuity & it’s adulteration by an infiltrator/imposter class of academic, mercantile vulgarian shit-eaters who have no heart, no soul & no balls. TRUTH!

Concussion Projectile Trio: Kikanju Baku, Chris Pitsiokos n’ Luke Stewart

Top wallop! Caffeine, kim-chi & congestion/colds – London is th “dog shit capital of the world” fo’ a reason, so I had to drag two young delinquents over from th US-of-Arse to square off with “th maddest of all mothurfukurz”… that’ll be my motherfuckin’ niggu’ Luke Stewart & ace in th anachronism Chris Pitsiokos – two gloriously endued plural-plenary-pyro-profundity-pundits. lashings of paroxysm, four venues, three recording implements, sax, multipartite electronics n’ FX pedals, African talking drums, customized Chinese gongs, electric bass, double bass, bells beyond brobdingnagian, san shins, cellos – resulting in hours of th most fervent, furious & florid shit, busting records & breaching boundaries like some kind of escaped military experiment super-being with young fuckin’ radicals on th war-path, spurring ever greater vaulting into th most manic of megrim messianics. Not shaking th foundation but levelling th whole faggot construction! Pussies get vaporized in th storm cloud/blast radius/super-nova as th beast swats convention to th seventeen corners of th galaxies asymmetrical interstellar enclosure with a flick of it’s razor mane!!! Not sure how these recordings will emerge as of yet?, most probably as “The Serpent Devouring The Banker” through some slick LP r’ CD comopository on Ethnicity Against The Error, but foreseeably elsewhere, as finally some others are braving th cordite & molten debris to take interest in th bones of slewn guardians piling-th-fuck-up in my palace moat!

A modest scantling of some of th matter evacuated can be manductaed here (Enko Ecto Explo ep). Recorded on th last day in a London living room, this is, believe it or not, th more passive of th conflag we produced

Swut Jerziz! (Erst-while Antrum 20)

Swut_Jerziz: Erst-while Antrum_20 – Teaser

For the love of god-winkles. Brash & bray yur brains-in whilst over-articulating yur ostentatory overlapse astutist of intellectual ingenuity. Who else? What else? Three numbers from myself on this one – hunched, hacked & horpilated by Foju Fuyyu Frequency from back in 2013… th most glorious “Impetuous Improvised Intercourse” between odd-clot keyboard/synth –  voodoo Noise/FX pedal salmagundi/modulated guitar weirdness – & thus originem unoris on drums. Some of my favorite recordings from this oddest of eccentricated Poise-Spore, Abnorm Arcanum. Bolstered by the likes of who? Weasel Walter & a sax & distorted bassist cinder th city with mammoth wonderful full-spack Free Jazz to send the wankers from the Wire scuttling for their quilted-customized-cushions & powdered fucking milk & – yu get both Stentorians & Harsh Noise super-sonics from Kylie Minoise & Nyctalops, channeling the death-rays on unsuspecting office ordinance plus other offers of outstretched absurdity, all loaded onto a  pink spray-painted disc with individually hand-numbered eye-pang pro-printed full colour sleeves!! Six fifty each. Interstellar intravenous, inquiries & ingestion fluid – (also available from all participants). 

极剧动: Bad Lieutenant

Jolt yer scuds back in bracket – summer 2011 at Menstrum Mangroves & a routine ad-lib flit from Ji Ju Dong Li/Piscatorial Boat Herder turned into this shit – subliminal pervasion from th cult flick Bad Lieutenant found residency, hence outbursts that any one that’s seen th movie will notate. Small camo- cameos from I.G. Culture (tha Rat Catcher) can also be caressed & distressed in th blacc-ground….. 100% on-th-spot improvised Phosphorus Funk, Glyph-Hop, Fuck Em’ Up turbo tangent to bitch-smack dem’ bourgeois baita’s a new bat-mobile playa! Ga-cha-ga-cha-ga-cha-ga-cha! 

Bells For The South Side

Debouching from th diaphragm – “Bells For The Southside” – a double disc marshaled by Roscoe Micthell (commanding eight entrants, m’ self included) & oozed ont’ ECM Records. This stuff was inexplicated in 2015 at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, exalting the AACM’s 50th anniversary. Lashings of the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s original instruments were trawled from the vaults & deployed on various cuts from the album/performances. As yu can probably portend, shits an insolubly frabjous jaunt, pulling at a superfluitous plethora of para-prisms panning pantheon panjandrum primogeniture profusion profligacy at plenum pleonast. Check th previous posts for further figments. Released on June 16th, 2017.    

A smattering of tha battering can be potated at thus coordinates

Nabeg – Economy Equals Extinction (EP)

Finally! Nabeg’s “Economy Equals Extinction” ep ejects out of our current crisis, designed as a digital download & free from the taint of any monetary transaction (th sum’ bitch is free jah?). Three tracks pressed into a single 33 minute cast. Although this is actually the third Nabeg release (“All Rights Revoked” ep & th “Normalizing the Nadir” ep which appears on ヘンカ!ヘンカ!ホウイコウゲキ!, all courtesy of Erst-while Antrum records), EEE is actually Nabeg’s nidus/initial detonation, all calumniated & conflicted from the same gambit session. There was no script or curriculum, just to expostulate apoplexy with the weapons at hand under intuition, impulse & indignation. & lo, Flensecore &/or Apoplexy was conceived. As a release, EEE is rougher & more slaternal production wise, which inevitably means many of the preposterous percussive intricacies are inscrutable or faint. I am however, still very fond of this recording, & naturally, as an intemperate abstract expression of such magnitude, it can never be repeated or simulated with any authentic accuracy. Death to corruption – there is always an alternative. 

NABEG – All Rights Revoked (EP)

NABEG: All Rights Revoked EP Excerpt

Just out! – Nabeg-All Rights Revoked EP! Totally unprecedented, totally cataclysmic, exceedingly politicized anti-capitalist/anti-corporate/anti-government, moral outrage Flensecore decanting the most draconian exasperations from the Apoplexy defensive strategy (Apoplexy/Flensecore is a new genre urging & agitating on it’s own instincts & impetuosity but tracing strands of it’s DNA to Breakcore, Noise, Gunk, Grindnoise, Fray, Riot-Gear, Abnorm & Free Jazz)! Noise guitar, off-the-rails bass, live analogue Electronics/Noise, electric organ & of course – the banished beast Kikanju Baku on drums. The results are barely plausible. Four tracks in twenty-eight minutes, hand-made sleeves, unique electric blue spray-paint CDR on-body, hand numbered to 479 copies. I assure you, without pretention nor exaggeration, there is nothing like this whatsoever doing the rounds! Released by those steadfast, implacable lunatics at Erst-While Antrum.