Vent from vaults! Here’s a disinterred & revamped reissue of Kikanju’s short-lived London Grind unit from back around 2001-2002 – しぬ マザーファッキング うじむし(“Shinu Mazafakingu Ujimushi” or ‘SMU’) str8 dishin’ deft dynamic Grindcore sass inspired by Ginza girl gangs, Far East femme-fatalism, cult Manga & early 90’s Kung Fu vivacity with Jay “Chinpira” Merrifield on strings. Unfortunately, th projectile only lasted about a year under fairly contested circumstances & ended when th guitarist was rug-swept by a dame & crashed off th course in some kind of gigantic romantic man-trap! Too bad, as th prospects were thru th fuckin’ roof & th duo were only just drawing th swords fully from their scabbards. This download comprises most elements from th only two recorded sessions Shinu Maz produced on their ephemeral expedition into exhilarating octane-unto, recorded & pressed into tepodama deposits in a hall-way & a bedroom on minidisk & ol’ ass 8 Tracker cassette recorder, ergo th low-level audio whip on tha cones crown & gunge down th grip. Previously issued as two handmade CDR editions on th notorious Lo-fi Or Die Rekadz years n’ years back. Gochi-sou-sama muzrfenkr ^ ^ !!!