Kikanju Baku & James Fei: No One Teaches the Snake to Strike (CD)

Erupting from uncharted origins comes th new flux polyscopic prismatica from Kikanju Baku & Taiwanese American saxophonist & analogue electronics practitioner James Fei (Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton, S.E.M. Ensemble, Weasel Walter etc) recorded in Oakland CA, summer 2016. excruciating perplexity, shocking & severe hyper-abstract absrusions & paranormal collisions hurtle into some of th most explicit terra-incognita yu will ever hear! Beyond alarmingly-excoriating, fast & technically-accomplished deflagration, this particular album screams some of th strangest, almost obnoxiously weird originality & individualism in the Free Jazz/Extreme Improvisation circumference, morphing & metastasizing over a gigantic extensity of hostile & hazardous oddness & extreme surrealist exclamation. Mastered by Jon Rosenberg (Julius Hemphill, Roscoe Mitchell, Hamiet Bluiett, Anthony Braxton etc). Seven tracks in 66 minutes. Comes in a specialized deluxe case, first edition hand numbered to x500 copies. Released by Ethnicity Against the Error, th last ululation in kinetic mutated Abnorm-Jazz floridity & precision-hysteria. No barcode, no commercial distribution & abso-fucking-lutely not available through Amazon, iTunes or Ebay! Inconvenience equals independence.