NABEG – All Rights Revoked (EP)

NABEG: All Rights Revoked EP Excerpt

Just out! – Nabeg-All Rights Revoked EP! Totally unprecedented, totally cataclysmic, exceedingly politicized anti-capitalist/anti-corporate/anti-government, moral outrage Flensecore decanting the most draconian exasperations from the Apoplexy defensive strategy (Apoplexy/Flensecore is a new genre urging & agitating on it’s own instincts & impetuosity but tracing strands of it’s DNA to Breakcore, Noise, Gunk, Grindnoise, Fray, Riot-Gear, Abnorm & Free Jazz)! Noise guitar, off-the-rails bass, live analogue Electronics/Noise, electric organ & of course – the banished beast Kikanju Baku on drums. The results are barely plausible. Four tracks in twenty-eight minutes, hand-made sleeves, unique electric blue spray-paint CDR on-body, hand numbered to 479 copies. I assure you, without pretention nor exaggeration, there is nothing like this whatsoever doing the rounds! Released by those steadfast, implacable lunatics at Erst-While Antrum.