Nabeg – Economy Equals Extinction (EP)

Finally! Nabeg’s “Economy Equals Extinction” ep ejects out of our current crisis, designed as a digital download & free from the taint of any monetary transaction (th sum’ bitch is free jah?). Three tracks pressed into a single 33 minute cast. Although this is actually the third Nabeg release (“All Rights Revoked” ep & th “Normalizing the Nadir” ep which appears on ヘンカ!ヘンカ!ホウイコウゲキ!, all courtesy of Erst-while Antrum records), EEE is actually Nabeg’s nidus/initial detonation, all calumniated & conflicted from the same gambit session. There was no script or curriculum, just to expostulate apoplexy with the weapons at hand under intuition, impulse & indignation. & lo, Flensecore &/or Apoplexy was conceived. As a release, EEE is rougher & more slaternal production wise, which inevitably means many of the preposterous percussive intricacies are inscrutable or faint. I am however, still very fond of this recording, & naturally, as an intemperate abstract expression of such magnitude, it can never be repeated or simulated with any authentic accuracy. Death to corruption – there is always an alternative.