Diligence & diplomacy! Producing a project of traditional Chinese orchestral, folk & Peking opera music as well as contributing th odd bit of percussion, gu-cheng, san-xin & chin-chin playing (oh, ya’ll didn’t kno eh?). It’s been a pretty anfractuous effort, due to th madness of modernity & th challenging idiosyncrasies behind the main mensch of the project, the wonderful sifu Ray Man. But fruition favors fervency & it looks like th results are going to be a bumper crop of soul-strokin’ delights ^0^ ! been messing wit’ (& being messed wit’ by) traditional Chinese music/instruments for most my life, & hopefully some of th contemporary ideations & concepts I have fostered for years (including 白鱀豚, which has clawed at th constraints of my abstraction for almost fifteen years now) will start to fruit from th pool of musicians available along with further opportunities & efforts with international  trad Chinese instrument ustads from th diaspora. More whence manifest.