& there, moored on th rocks & convolved in kelp, was this heavily coruscating review of a nigguz  kayakujutsu in Stockholm with mf Roscoe Mitchell!  I have shared a section below & also latched-on a rough-shod, un-mastered track (th exordium of th evening) from th conjuring & catalepsy enfilade as a downloadable Mp3.

“Baku was a marvel of barely contained hyperkinetic energy, whose movements around the onstage setup, like the loose, anxious bobbing that opens a boxing match, brought an element of dance, evoking Cecil Taylor’s hookup with Min Tanaka. Behind the kit he was even more exciting, piling concentrated breakbeat-like rhythms and extreme-metal technique onto the branch of free-jazz drumming that feels like a sustained eruption and trails back to Sunny Murray”. 

Evan Haga – Jazz Times