potions & perturbations. new release, new band, new label – “More Goy Girls for Ghislaine” – Toff Stabber pitted against the draconian savagery of ultra harsh bray, cleave mar & gouge from Stridor whoppers Kylie Minoise, 886VG, Digital Noise Distortion & PMNT, with one long gilets jaunes themed distress & apprehension loaded destabilization from a resurfaced Mourmansk150. Kika drubbing is x3 trax as Toff Stabber – a freak accident resulting in th worse case wounding describable, atrociously acute, chronically contused & severe hardline Gunk, Noisegrind, green-stick-fracture unseemly Breakcore, Apoplexy Riot-Gear discordance deformity & disastrous damage.. like a stone-weapon fight between warring neanderthal tribes with laureate quantum mathematicians involved. oh! & th topography is all about killing rich people, so yu kno yur in th right place pet ^_- , guitar noise more disgusting than clotted stomach fluids admixed with suppurating beached whale carcass run-off left to ferment in a bog-man’s bladder .. terrible, repulsive, shocking, havoc-mired & awful plus breath-snatchingly intense, terrifying & bellicose guddle on a level that no other shit is offering.

thermo fructose succulency!!!

high quality three panel full colour insert with art direction from Non-Negotiable-Notoriety, colour pull-outs, translucent pink cassette with black hubs & hand decorated shell, ivory case with copper spray integument, limited to x126 hand numbered copies. over 40 minutes of singularly appalling reave, ravage & rend for th furthermost of fuck-ups & fankle!!! £7.50 each plus postage. emergencyemancipation[at]