due discerption:

rot yur own face off!

Rot runs into yer rents! Get a dose of doughty. – something in th cauldron..wait! … maybe even this month, if not, shortly within it’s tail appendage. Elsewhere, – the information embargo & establishment containment contiguity suffered their first breach, a four course ordeal on SomethingElse! detailing th recent Revolt/Justice double album. sink yur suckers right along th wounds stem – http://somethingelsereviews.com/2019/12/25/kikanju-baku-and-citizens-of-nowhere-no-justice-justification-and-revolt-against-state-stimulated-stockholm-syndrome-2019/

being the pariah, fugitive, persona-non-grata, nemesis renegade, black-balled beast of th crags, not to mention a meritocrat, which seems to be th biggest deliction doable in this nest of celeb shysters & corruption merchants, don’t expect any of it to make it to surface publications or orthodox channels as I am barred, tarred & marred with th blackest brand of blacklist blotch. column inch’s for cash! bribes via advertising. Weinstein & dine me! Fuck those vice & venality sodden fabrication floggers. somebody needs to get th fuckin’ Competitions & Markets Authority & th financial conduct watchdogs to bust this shit-ring of mendacity moguls…th dirt these colostomy counts get away with!, & the collusive grifters nibbling at their dead skin. Anyone else that operates autonomous, – record shops & bloggers that are not enthralled to th industries corrupt encopresis, give us a tinkle – emergencyemancipation@protonmail.ch

for dis-empowerment to work – yu need to make sure th most powerful remain hidden. – “don’t get any funny ideas!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *