nature nah lockdown laddy!

– pollen power-ups –

No pandemic can stop th pandemic – y’ diggg??? mothers serpentine root clasp (cold & clammy beneath the cursed crud)! – somehow, a large section of my early posts, videos, audio & downloads were slewed from my site during transmogrification. nothing untoward, just useless fuckers peeling paint & failing to fulfill forestry forensics. a years loss a centuries gain. re-uploading the Nozomi Nuptuals Neonatal Nose-Dive (NNNN) ep zip here from whence back erst ergo …2013 – shirabesu side-winding! The Sankofaz audio zip also vanished into th fast flowing current…will post again once I relocate. otherwise, new stuff is close to completion, hanging out the lab door, fangs chattering & overrunning security – soon.