Concussion Projectile Trio: Kikanju Baku, Chris Pitsiokos n’ Luke Stewart

Top wallop! Caffeine, kim-chi & congestion/colds – London is th “dog shit capital of the world” fo’ a reason, so I had to drag two young delinquents over from th US-of-Arse to square off with “th maddest of all mothurfukurz”… that’ll be my motherfuckin’ niggu’ Luke Stewart & ace in th anachronism Chris Pitsiokos – two gloriously endued plural-plenary-pyro-profundity-pundits. lashings of paroxysm, four venues, three recording implements, sax, multipartite electronics n’ FX pedals, African talking drums, customized Chinese gongs, electric bass, double bass, bells beyond brobdingnagian, san shins, cellos – resulting in hours of th most fervent, furious & florid shit, busting records & breaching boundaries like some kind of escaped military experiment super-being with young fuckin’ radicals on th war-path, spurring ever greater vaulting into th most manic of megrim messianics. Not shaking th foundation but levelling th whole faggot construction! Pussies get vaporized in th storm cloud/blast radius/super-nova as th beast swats convention to th seventeen corners of th galaxies asymmetrical interstellar enclosure with a flick of it’s razor mane!!! Not sure how these recordings will emerge as of yet?, most probably as “The Serpent Devouring The Banker” through some slick LP r’ CD comopository on Ethnicity Against The Error, but foreseeably elsewhere, as finally some others are braving th cordite & molten debris to take interest in th bones of slewn guardians piling-th-fuck-up in my palace moat!

A modest scantling of some of th matter evacuated can be manductaed here (Enko Ecto Explo ep). Recorded on th last day in a London living room, this is, believe it or not, th more passive of th conflag we produced