Absolute Autonomy

No agent! No manager! No distributor! No publicist! No publishing company! I adhere exclusively to meritocracy, actuality & veracity. Being reliable, fair, honest, diligent & vigilant among this morass of fraudulent, commercially-prostrated husk-brained shits ain’t easy, but it is essential. Professionalism is a euphemism for ignoring/suppressing/contaminating the fundamental tenets of humanity & emulating a machine/artificial thinking that is contrary to natural principles for the sake of short-term situational advantage in a system of pure corruption & dishonesty. It is deceitful & degenerative on an absolute core scale – fuck professionalism. As for officialdom! – Derived from the expression “office” (so yu kno this gon’ be bad news), this is where a second synthetic reality is devised & then imposed on the real world. One voice, publication, vetting mechanism, body “decides” what is admitted for entirely ulterior advantages in a form of hierarchal perception management & supreme mendacity. The system/verdict transcends actuality/reality & allows for control & corruption in a manner that can enact the utmost duplicity/ error/ falsification, totally contrary to truth & universal laws, even when screamingly blatant. Officialdom has nothing to do with truth, justice or reality. Fuck officialdom. Vend, bend & pretend. So many institutions & industries are so infested & this mendacity & malpractice has become so entrenched, orthodox & familiar, that many now can’t even detect it. at some point, you have to throw down with the machine, unless you’re going to settle for sham & slavery. & fuck the appropriation of free-thinking human/beast ingenuity & it’s adulteration by an infiltrator/imposter class of academic, mercantile vulgarian shit-eaters who have no heart, no soul & no balls. TRUTH!