Swut Jerziz! (Erst-while Antrum 20)

Swut_Jerziz: Erst-while Antrum_20 – Teaser

For the love of god-winkles. Brash & bray yur brains-in whilst over-articulating yur ostentatory overlapse astutist of intellectual ingenuity. Who else? What else? Three numbers from myself on this one – hunched, hacked & horpilated by Foju Fuyyu Frequency from back in 2013… th most glorious “Impetuous Improvised Intercourse” between odd-clot keyboard/synth –  voodoo Noise/FX pedal salmagundi/modulated guitar weirdness – & thus originem unoris on drums. Some of my favorite recordings from this oddest of eccentricated Poise-Spore, Abnorm Arcanum. Bolstered by the likes of who? Weasel Walter & a sax & distorted bassist cinder th city with mammoth wonderful full-spack Free Jazz to send the wankers from the Wire scuttling for their quilted-customized-cushions & powdered fucking milk & – yu get both Stentorians & Harsh Noise super-sonics from Kylie Minoise & Nyctalops, channeling the death-rays on unsuspecting office ordinance plus other offers of outstretched absurdity, all loaded onto a  pink spray-painted disc with individually hand-numbered eye-pang pro-printed full colour sleeves!! Six fifty each. Interstellar intravenous, inquiries & ingestion fluid – yaju@gakishidosha.net (also available from all participants).