The Freedom Principle Exhibition/Performance, AACM 50th Anniversary gig at The Museam Of Contemporary Art in Chicago 2015

Th kiddd will be playing a live gig with Roscoe & HIS ENTIRE Trio conventicle in Chicago this September at th MCA in Chiraq. Loox lyk ECM will also be recording th eruption for their label, not a bad bloody idea iyl tell e’. I also hope to throw down with th AACM & scavenge some cool recordings to smack convention a new farce-goal. Hopefully I can pull some Kanju autonomy & become th first damn fool frum Th Divided Kingdom to merge with those maniacs n’ break bitches off sumthin’ superlunary Hyuk-Hyuk!!! Basically, MAJOR pyromania & intemperate dalliance n’ megrim are on th cards!

Next Year (2015 dat is) is the 50TH Anniversary of the AACM. The Musuem of Contemporary Art in Chicago will be mounting the Freedom Principle Exhibition starts July through November 2015.