Law Facilitates Crime: “Thought Encryption” 7” EP

Supra seditionary Gratecore/Grindcore unit Law Facilitates Crime will be recording our debut EP this February. A website is impending. More hi-cap on LFC from Jigokuki ryt’ here toots – 
“Incomparable Grind/ Gratecore propulsion. Electing the most savage & ascetic tenets of integral Grind virtue & battering them to an advanced stage of combat – combining uneven time signatures, modal intricacies & syncopations with irregular as fuck punctuations directly to the classic single-foot D & C Beat & multifarious Blastbeat formula to transmute a terrifyingly effective, absurdly fast & aggressive advancement, with Grate & Grind so destructive it will file down any obstacle. Savvy as fuck & monstrously progressive as well as taking the core elements of non-metallic Grind severity to the most tumultuous & peerless crest with speeds & consecutive attack that literally defy belief. With radical activist, subversive & rogue-journalist links, contributions & samples hewing some of the most strident philippic & informed attacks on the corporation-crisis, putrefaction-politics & rampant Western corruption.”