Kikanju Baku – James Fei: Poly-pande-manium/one size devours all

Recently engaged an eventful expostulation with fellow wayward radical James Fei over in Oakland! Fei is a very odd & awkward player when performing free/improvised, ergo his specific nomination for this antic. His hidden history in the Osaka Noise hub & his ongoing work with Anthony Braxton & Roscoe Mitchell as well as his own excursions are a further bonus for banjax. We had a previous exchange of rounds during Roscoe Mitchells mega –megrim-monomachy all-disrepairing-stare at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Chicago last year (soon out on ECM as a double disk). I kno a weirdo when i see one…& after nursing th notion for something “catastrophically deranged & demiurge” I suddenly hallucinated th epiphany of myself & Fei ploughing through th unknown depths as an unaccompanied duo & hooked-up th session. It was risky, but th risk rewarded substantial obscenities with clods of cataclysm & heaving chambers of unbearably unhinged & explicitly anomalous ultimate asymmetry irk of vision fogging-standards & un-permissible extremes. I think it’s the most irregular, abnormal, alien, dark, uneven & largely “formless” shit I have done to date!? Fei wields contrabass, sopranino & alto saxophones along with analog-electronics whilst I reverse-rend a tomless trap-kit laden with eleven + cowbells/jam-blocks, a secondary 6” snare & other abstruse emplacement. i am sifting through the two disx of outer-body outré now to compile a single CD that will be released on the vanguard of peregrine progressions – Ethnicity Against The Error once all material has been adequately mixed & mastered. Headstones & hearses – Kika Bunwa