Success served splenetics! Just produced another historic fissure…. Hamiet Bluiett, one of  th OG paint-peelers (World Saxophone Quartet, Mingus, Sunny Murray, Don Pullen, Drake n’ Parker, yaddah-yurga-yishka) prowling th outer-extremities with a screel to lop yer’ lumps fo’ effused with a binge of mega unhinge, & asked me with genuine sincerity whether I get much minge?, yu want fringe? niggu’ we plunge th best yu got in2 th dinge & impinge with poly-pandemonic singe! Ol’ Bluiett edged-over another master-poke, by recruiting into our session two youngsta’ tomangja by th means of James Brandon Lewis on saxophone & Luke Stewart on electric & double-bass. these cats are leopard-clawing dolts into tha’ dirt with a modern tri-Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop & Avant/Off-Road hybrid. With typical Bakuhatsu/Ethnicity Against Th Error intrepitude & fervency, we all just rolled up, pulled out & dumped rounds at th adulation saturated Systems Two Studios in Brooklyn. Insistence on incendiary impetuosity! Family-favourite Jon Rosenberg was once again engineering th exasperation with exquisite execution! Severing th juiciest bulges frum th session now, to be lumbered on vinyl & released by th leading-lacerating-edge in ultra-autonomous recondite rebellion in th Avant/Off Road/Mutant-Jazz vantage – Ethnicity Against The Error (if yu don’t kno, better knock th shit out y’ ears & join th revolutionary ranks chimps!). Th mothafuckin’ evolution continues to extemporize! Pan-frying officials & feeding them to their crony-cohorts!