Bollock Swine: Afrocentric Ungulate

YAAAAY! NO ONE stoves yur guts in as hard, fast & ferociously as those Bollock Swine brutes! Back from th flower garden with 5yv incinerators of beyond bestial Olympic marathon blast-cornucopia Torikowashi User-Hostile Gunk Neko-Neko-Noyzcore. Shrieking Oriental femme mania, remorseless numenesque kinetic percussion poly-pummel & harsh blat with shredding Blur-Bass distortion downpour. BS’s hysterical hifalutin heterosexuals are heavenly homologated by Hungarian Anti-Listener harsh NoyzGrynd Blastcore mob Chappa’ai to that wunerful’ puréed hippocampus after-glow & thoroughly scoured cranial scoop gouge. I don’t read th bible, but pretty sure this wus wut they were trying to get at! Comes on a sassy pink pro-cassette with neon-green spray-paint spatter job & full colour glossy (heh!) three panel inlay in a coloured case. Hand numbered to 377 copies, secreted by those mutant scientist, rogue botanical chemists tantric-terrrorists at Tetsubish Gob-Stopper/Jigokuki. Available direct from me, from TGS/Jigokuki or any self-respecting hazardous sonix merchant.