ACCM 50th Anniversary

Chicago-Museum Of Contemporary Art-Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians 50th Anniversary-3 days recording & 3 shows! Roscoe Mitchell typically decides to pull th most dangerous, ambitious & unsurpassed move by synthesising the craziest convene of expert Avant-Jazz, Experimental Classical, Noise-Electronics & a whole stellar-system of other jive n’ assorted esotericism – musicians & sound revolutionaries in one fell-swoop/gold-fish-bowl! Like th Dirty Dozen! But with nine of us!! & with instruments rather than shooters!!! What a gaggle of nut-jobs …all pressed into th same baking-tray… to produce something so outlandish/outré… as to retheorize th accepted summits, strictures & breaking points & gallop beyond their cordons & watch-towers!!! HEJ! SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out on ECM Records sometime next year. Th personnel is as follows – Roscoe Mitchell, Kikanju Baku, Tyshawn Sorey, Tani Tabbal, Craig Taborn, Jaribu Shahid, William Winnant, James Fei & Hugh Ragin! Hedonistic wit’ th heteronomous herculine!!!