Photo by Greg Cristman |

Visions 20 in New York was a brain swelling monument to pleo-pelegrine pontification & precipitancy, distilling suppressed channels & shocking shit outta’ otiose dormancy like a pylon in th prune-juice!!! me & Sorey had some bollux with th drum kits, but it didn’t stop us cracking th asphalt & knocking th moisture out th cloud-lining! Hail-stones! Th syz a’ kohlrabi! In NY! In July? YEEEEEEEEEEEEH! 

I don’t even need to tell yu how raw Roscoe & th others split th seams & roasted realities brittle fabrics! pressure-cooked cerebellums!!! 

th gig was recorded live & will be aired on BBC Jazz On 3 in October, so fetch y’ fire extinguishers & layer up wit’ th flame-retardent vesture! Th on stage photograph is courtesy of Dave Krugman. 

“Roscoe Mitchell brought his band to Vision Festival 20 on Tuesday July 7, 2015. They played to a packed house, exploring any number of dynamic, textural and timbral variations. From Mitchell, Hugh Ragin and Tyshawn Sorey’s horn trio to the full blown finale featuring all five members, including Craig Taborn and Kikanju Baku, the concert was an unforgettable success.” 

The New York Times had some good garble to say about th nights tumult! –