NABEG-“Economic Gain – Ecological Ruin” forthcoming cassette album:

The dictators death-throes. The rapacious incendiary predator NABEG reasserts its hunting primacy – a live fulmination from Dec 2018 between harsh mauler Animal Machine & Kikanju Baku’s arachnid amok aberrance. This hurtling contumely is further aggrieved by four more cardinals of User-Hostile antiphonic scald – Czech harsh veteran Napalmed, the two hooligans from notorious French distress & rend electronics duo Mourmansk 150, granulating harsh calamity from Chilean heavy-weight 886VG & finally, Ukrainian badlands guitar-noise distortion-shred-grate-gouge Ilja Bilga. Exhilaratingly intense & ultra-vesicated oblivion, with political samples crushed into the wreckage… Divine clarion! Rapid, ceaseless permutation & assaulting obstreperous indignation & righteous fury through the Flensecore furnace. Will be released on the fugitive Lo-fi or Die Records/Jigokuki on a quality, hand-numbered cassette with the requisite stand-out design & imagery courtesy of Non-Negotiable-Notoriety. Expected outcry in June.