NABEG-economic gain – ecological ruin cassette:

At last. after a month’s sedulous editing, the new NABEG LP – Economic Gain – Ecological Ruin has escaped its containment quarters. Derived from a live Animal Machine-Baku cross-contamination conflux in the fall of 2018, multiple excess outrage & amok apoplexy exclusives where antagonized from proscribed, full-contact, harsh maulers 886VG (Chile), Napalmed (Czech) & Animal Machine. Consolidating this cacophony was old, drop-dead-harsh, decommissioned explosive ordinance from veteran French frondeur Mourmansk150. Into this smolder strides the displaced Ukrainian noise guitarist Ilja Bilga. Lastly comes the political youth tumult pouring out of Hong Kong. The fervency, courage & distemper of the HK youth & their accompanying adult counterpart that have been raging has been sourced, suctioned & steeped throughout this recording from footage & audio supplied & extracted from ground zero. The running battles, the tear gas, the water cannons, the molotovs, the arrests, the bedlam & the full perfervid discord of a city/nation in direct, street based confrontation with opposing government forces. I knew this motherfucker was going to sink-the-structure, but the resulting remonstration & recusancy has completely exceeded my estimates. Over an hours’ worth of mind-splay encompassing ten tracks in total. No one & nothing comes even close.

beyond th bonesaw……NABEG

Released on Lo-fi or Die Records on a silver cassette with individual bronze spray-paint daub, gold case, four panel sleeve, double-sided pull-out poster & extras, with art by Non-Negotiable-Notoriety, limited to 312 hand-numbered editions. Probably only available from the artists themselves as everybody else is selling their anus to some giant Silicon Valley corporate conquistador or Palantir assigned Mossad funded industry-interlope-Inc. inconvenience = independence.