Kikanju Baku & Citizens of Nowhere New; double album – out & unprecedented:

Revolt Against State Stimulated Stockholm Syndrome – No Justice = Justification

Viral outbreak. No delay in delivery but a procrast on pronouncement… its out mzerkfzurx! a connoisseur double dizk omnium-gatherum of the most excruciating peregrine rogue rapid reactionary revanchist riotous recalcitrance. The boat is not pushed, it is propelled, profoundly, to the point of pure paroxysm & preternatural permutation. Deluxe double disc, detailed on-bodies, ultra high quality specialised-card dual-wallet/gatefold, massive 12 panel plush fold-out with extravagant montage (Non-Negotiable-Noteriety) & giant photographic compositions rendered in scalding detail. All execrations, exasperations & ostentations expelled throughout 2018 & cherry picked from multiple sessions between three varying units (Concussion Projectile Trio, Condign, Baku/Asheber duo) comprising seven musicians (886VG, Mad Hwa, Luke Stewart, Reg Bloor, Chris Pitsiokos & Niles Asheber). Hand numbered to x500 copies. Trebuchet’d by the fugitive firebrand cataclysm Ethnicity Against the Error records. Completely, utterly & consummately independent & insubordinate from any & all industry/scene/machine/establishment intervention & adulteration – apex autonomy of superior strength, caliber & integrity.

Untethered record shops, bondage free blogs & those not umbilicaled to the rectal refinery of prescribed shit-screened commodity capture & carefully-controlled manufactured malmerit & malfeased manipulation monopoly mendacity – direct to source – … I won’t be bunging bribes to the Liar magazine via the cover of “paid advertising” to secure surface exposure in this insanely corrupt sump of fraudulent disinformation deluge. Fuck their corruption.