Gunge Hump 101

Gunge Hump 101 Excerpt

Holy-mother of magnanimity! Th twenty second edition of Erst-While Antrum, otherwise uttered under/as/ancillary – “Gunge Hump 101” .  hey it’s a giant love-in & wig-out with soaring kinetics, rabid pyromantics & hysterical thrigmotropism & nine-limbed acrobatic ovulations from the Concussion Projectile Trio (Chris Pitsiokos, Luke Stewart n’ Kikanju Blacclist) + Free-Form Phosphorous Funk unit     极剧动 & Weasel Walter wit’ Forbes & Young, accompanied by disposable rummage Texas trash-noise-junk-jumble odd-fuck duo Miracle Power Combination, and then! and then! – a spiffing shroud of tenebrous & confused Ukrainian Death Industrial, intoxicated Extreme Electronics that’s positively heaving with samples stuffing… like, stodged & bodged with no wink & nod. Doesn’t come with a free tea-cozy knitted from the stomach lining of felled Tory knaves, but it does have a hand painted dual-colour on-body & mo’ fantastically lurid & fanatically original artwork, hand numbered to 222 copies. Available from emergencyemancipation[at] & directly via the contributing artists themselves. More glyphs on the gleam can be glommed.