Conversations 2 CD & Conversations double 12” vinyl LP – NOW OUT!

Conversations 2 Ecto Excerpts

Conversations 2 finally crawls outta it’s pupae, & what a set a’ wings this sum’bitch dun got SHEEEEEEEEIT!!! honey-chyl, we gonna work every corrugation a’ yer brayn over, tickle every frond n’ squeeze those cerebral blood vessels to stimulate outter-body exultations & soul spume! yu’ll be chipping yur bings so hard th amps will crack, yessir! blustering about yur own ball-bag is silly, but underplaying th avalanche is fools folly, iyl tell ya str8, shit is so off th scales, yu’ll need heat-resistant head gear ta listen ta’ this shit pilgrim! some fantastical reviews of Conversations 1 can be found thru th linx below. Iym trying to facilitate more, but th current established medias horrendously insouciant politburo of grossly ignorant cronyistic dilettantes are to blinkered & riddled with timidity & incompetence to observe th megrim magniloquent mosaic murrain right in front a’ their grill. Iyma’ lay it down on th 1 bereft uv any high-capping, any even minutely self-respecting magazine with even a semblance of credibility better pull they draws out their rent & face th floridity if they have any commitment or authenticity to genuine Avant/progressive/Jazz shit kuz an intractable black-hole has just been shot thru th hull of history in intensely Avant-Jazz/Improvizational Music, an that’s on th fuckin’ real mhan so recognize or retardate. a serratum of excerpt fission from Conversations 2 can be heard here for a quick adumbration to th solar-system swilling amongst. no matter what, we punching bitches str8 out th airlock 2 be vaporized by th gasses of th milky-way & beyond! no jet-pax, pyur teleportation!!!!

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