Concussion Projectile Trio and Emergency Emancipation Super Velocity Meritocracy Meteor – DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE DEPRAVITY OF YOUR OPPRESSOR cassette:

A semi-addendum to the coinciding double album No Justice = Justification – Revolt Against State Sponsored Stockholm Syndrome – this raw & lo-fi cassette includes the exclusive culmination of Concussion Projectile Trio’s 2018 live effloresce at Acklam Village joined by activist-upstart-ustad & old time Baku associate & Sankofa OG – Niles Asheber on vocals & African drum. A-side’s “Create Consequences” propels a 23 minute + of off-road trench-warfare civilian-justice-proconsul-vigilance dashing hard wild, militant, gracile Free Jazz dynamism. Ardent radical pedigree, savage breaks, leopard acrobatics, zero industry input (Gosh-Glut-Godastu-Disruptions unincorporated), this is no Shorditch-shit-suckery or the tepid-toss that dribbles from Roni Scots, Whoreflex or Pathe Twotto, recorded in a venue that was ‘repossessed’ & at times physically defended by community contingents in the wake of the Grenfell atrocity – this is no gloss, no fakery & superior creative fire-power from non-commercial agitators ripping through unrestricted vehemence & vanguard. Flip side has x3 cuts at just over 35 minutes as a duet between natty minstrel & the blacc-ghetto-mage – Kikanju Baku (ankle bells, ropey-ass cello-bass) & Niles Asheber (voice & vengeance) performing exceptionally powerful free-style spoken-word concerning the struggles against LBKC & local inferiorities & ongoing Grenfell redemption. The account is acute, including graphic recollections of the night the tower conflagrated (the narrator was a front-line witness at the scene of the crime). This cassette includes the two tracks that make the Double CD, albeit with different mixes & editing along with a 3rd exclusive track (the last of the session) “Trouble Waters” which, along with “Create Consequences” only features on this edition.

Four panel sleeve with full-colour artwork courtesy of Non-Negotiable-Notoriety, gold cassette with hand-scoured decals in a black case, colour pull-out, limited to x111 hand numbered copies & released on Erst-While-Antrum (EA #24). Ten trillion% passion, autonomy & connoisseur recalcitrance, fuck all th other insider, buttock-talcum-powder subjugation shit-smudge.

Concussion Projectile Trio was a wild as fuck entirely improvised Avant-Jazz &-then-some splinter-cell comprising Kikanu Baku- Luke Stewart & Chris Pitsiokos. Bare knuckle, deep end, take no prisoners effusion & hysteria with effects pedals, MPC manipulation, Noise & electronic dalliance, improvised instruments, & a pantheon of ditties & dalliance on a sweeping gamut of percussion & African & Far East traditional instruments (Dai Fut Loi, San Shin, Pipa, Yuen Chin, Gongs, Wood Blocks, Bells, Chimes, hand drums & so on). Guaranteed no pussies no plastics & no prosthetics.