Chiaroscuric chorochoro Chuujo & flexile florilegium 不倶戴天の敵 (ぐらぐら-ぐらぐら-ぐらぐら):

張本人 超現実主義

invention, intuition, instinct …. inter-abstractive-avant-autarchy and autogenetics ….. * *
張本人 超現実主義!

support/defend the kids! Guillotine all oligarchs, libertarians, billionaires. Neutralize the Murdoch, Koch, Thiel pestilence, putrilage & plutocracy.
Venom Salve

a few more recent solo-drums-foundation videos of “free composition” for Gunk/Noisegrind para-permutation Kuttekop. you see – i lead the charge in primary destabilization, solo-detonation, initial incursion & precursory perforation – 爆裂 ベルセルク 蛮族 – then – scalps & skulls of imposters slain are dragged back from battle & passed over to regional warlords – to please the gods or whatever (me, i’m all heretic toots).

Junk Bloat

poverty, major logistical & utility deficiency/destitution & entrenched establishment corruption & suppression, make regular – even standard – creative exchange/participation – belly-up & bloating bad in the brush. so a whole gaggle of para-inventive, substitutional-circumvention & scavenge-stratagems must be incentivised & initiated to ……… bare pollen. Here are “3 hunx” demonstrating the first stages of such discipline.

Gut Scrape
the gurrrlz are alright ^0^ … .. .

Kuttekop’s sixteen-track 12” LP – TRANSVERSE TOXOSPUMOSIS – is in the pressing plant congestion-cortege, delayed due to the resumed popularity of vinyl clogging our culverts >< ….. freaking February-March 2022 completion date – for the growth to consume the subject .. scumming out on Supreme Tool Supplies, Olland’ … here is the first excerpt melange from the LP’s brain-smudge of preternatural-pandemonium-pummelling –


Kuttekop/Reforester split-cassette is in the birth-bucket.

more Reforester 木 幹 無化!!! extend the forest!

Reforester-Gelsemium Heirophant
muthufuckin´ full-bossomed revolution!!! …. an nathin´ less! …. ya basts!!