5th WARD

Perhaps iyv finally scavenged a capable bass playa in this useless city of orthodox bitches. this has some serious implications, first & foremost in th fusillade will be th 12”LP 5THWARD! this album will transmogrify free-form-frenzy with rigorous premeditated compositional complexity of a revolutionary standard underlining th whole “Precision Hysteria” stratagem ineffaceably. conceptually it will source sustenance from th notorious southern ghettos, specifically H-Town, South Park, 5thWard & Hiram Clarke, relayed through distorted samples of vintage H-Town rappers. historically, H-Town & it’s surrounding quarters produced some of the most distinct, devastatingly hardcore, Blacc dopeness before th whole G-Funk adulteration & commercial success (& subsequent creative flat-line) & conforming standard which dedifferentiated so much of th diversity & regional individualities that had been flourishing in Rap. this album will be a homage to that region at that time & th playurz that projected that brilliance such as Bone-Hard Big Mello, th underground master Willie Dee, psycho Ganksta N-I-P, black book flavoured ice-cream & milk K-Rino, 5thWard Boyz, 25-2-life, Choice, The Convicts Lord 3-2 & Big Mike, Pony J & Magic Mark P.K.O., Point Blank, Egypt & Dope-The Terrorists, Greek, Grim, Ghetto Boys, C-Lo, The Oak Cliff Assassin, Klondike Kat, Too Much Trouble, OG Style, Street Military, Crazy C, PSK 13, DMG, AC Chill & others from th Youngsta, Rap-A-Lot, Black Book International, SPC, Beatbox, Big Tyme launch pads!!! so Phosphorous-Funk, commensurate Free-Jazz hostility, Glyph-Hop, pristine Southern ghetto tautology & th inevitable scolopendric syd-wyndng carcuminal arachnoyd Riot-Gear Baku belabour ta smoulder ya dexxx! unparalleled hook th offs!!!!

< on th subject of Th Bloody Nickel, cult photographer Peter Beste has recently published a fantastic photographic book called Houston Rap, fixating on th rappers & region from present day to th vagrant days of early 90’s prime before th sonic & residential gentrification. get it! & check www.peterbeste.com >