Sum new maul on dat ass in Audio & Video.. Yu can also procure further audio circuitry & promiscuity concatenated through many of my recordings on Erstwhile-Antrum (we jzt expelled series 11 & 12) comingled with an international passel of crazed, spuming at th gob certified loons levigating yur atoms wit th lyx a’ Stridor, Splittercore, Gunk, No-Skool-Noyzcore, Abnorm, Poyz-Spore & maul as fucking shit-spuds BlurGrynd AN SHIT Y’ NEVA HERDA plus jagged jazz jamboree ta mayk yur bones jut owt ya joynts!!! Preposterously gorgeous full colour kook sleeves, hand numbered with individual spray-paynt dappled on-bodies. yu can snatch them direct frum me or check/email

So long snuggles…. Dosha Kiga