Kryzt-kid! wul’ I got my cervix all knotted over this shit & arrived at th wrong destination! Peep gaym – there’s two vision festivals… April 8th in London & July th 7th in New York…iym actually playing at th NEW YORK/JULY divination, not th London event, which is another good reason not to go to East London where th stench of gentrification is as thick as th knuckles on a camen-herders crab-claws after cement work in th Sinai! So sorry to all my trillions a’ to-mang-ja/hitogoroshi tail-gating frum fuckin’ Harlesden to th cliffs a’ Dover, this sorry-arse city will hafi’ mek do wit wuteva The Liar has been paid to lick to palatable status for these toothless fuckin’ meekers!

Oh’ & here’s two more reviews of Conversations, frizzant on it’s virtues, velocity & vertiginous-ness! all American a’ course! Yu kno Blacc, we never got one, NOT ONE review in this mzrfkr/th UK!!! Jzt goes to show yu th extent of th chronic-detumescence in this otiose deflated shit-dish of malingering pendulous-wristed bilge-vendors!!!

See ya’ in th least habitable/hospitable regions…. Kaku Jun Jun