So here is summit’ scalding-hot frum th walruses gut-lining! This is all confirmed, assured ascertained & sewn-up in a sarcophagus with a floral intagliation in Cyrillic circa 1700’s – next month I will play at Visions Festival in New York with th Roscoe-Ragin-Tyshawn-Taborn posse (hopefully that recording/show will result in a release all of it’s own) but it also gives me tremendously cardio-vascular-swelling to announce, to unveil, to hatch n’ avouch – that I will be recording with guitarist Michael Gregory Jackson & tuba-don Joe Daley, in a professionally recorded medium/ environment engineered by Jon Rosenberg. I am producing th entire project & these two cats have been specifically enrolled for their consummate capacities & creative contagion. MG Jackson cut his teeth with Oliver Lake, contributing to some of th greatest Avant Jazz/kinetic & hyper complex whilst simultaneously ultra-effusive abject improvisational Jazz albums such as Holding Together, Shine! & Zaki as well as ridiculously challenging & distinct albums as a leader/composer himself. Joe Daley is a veteran of the tuba, ranking hard as a frequent consort of Sam Rivers & Muhal Richard Abrams. His recordings with Rivers, from Waves, The Tuba Trio tri-LP series, Crystals, Black Africa & albums with th Riverbea All Star Orchestra are legendary artefacts amongst Baku law & Joe’s more recent work as a leader & composer of his Earth Tones ensemble, particularly 2010’s The Seven Deadly Sins CD, which knocked me for nineteen, consolidate his presence as one of the most adventurous & dope tuba players of th effin’ lot son. Anyways, get-off th fault line cos shits gonna’ devour!!! Iym going to put th album out myself as waiting for these other loser-labels to catch –up is raking my xylemic sorus, kno worra’ mean!? FRUCTUOUS!!!