महाकाल 春 & the four new releases:


And with that, Spring threw back her head of green locks and laughed lustfully under the stratocumulus frizzante.

3/4 2 gizo > >

무아 단- Humanity During Apocalypse:

Humanity During Apocalypse (composite excerpt).

so at last, the debut release of my Korean collective is out. difficult to detail, but ambiphonic noise, sweeping psychedelic submergence, pluralist & profuse poly-sonics, distortion, electronics, effects pedals & synth saturation & shifting, snaking, multi-purpose avant-garde abstractionism will start the conversation. Clement & extreme frequencies, esoteric measures, abstract peculiarity transfusing with Poise Spore, avant jazz, extracurricular improvisation, Abnorm & Abstrusion, including traditional Korean & Chinese instruments. Insert elaborate mutagens of Advanced Fracture, Glyph-Hop, & radicalised Jazz variants transmutating as “Alter Ergo” & we are getting there. don’t forget to factor in an existential showdown & face-off between “the human spirit” – conscious being – individualist sentient entity – & the modern monstrosity & it’s all-annulling automation effacement directive & death drive towards digitization, “efficiency” & machine mind.

core musicians include Dowan Kim on drums, percussion & (other instruments), Hyunkyu Im on guitars, noise, pedals & synths, & Heejin Jang on electronics, noise & modulations.

woods in waiting, ready to wash away “The Man’s” pathetic concrete steel & glass feebleness & fallacy …. restore, replenish, rehabilitate, reclaim.
Wealth Disorder (composite excerpt).

Wealth Disorder (with Pataphysics & Niles Asheber):

four counts of raw, rustic, exotic, mysterious & radical ethno-avant free jazz.Niles Asheber on the Kuduzela or African Shofar (cos’ you know those motherfuckers stole it just like the stole the land) & conch shell as the wise-man minstrel.

Replacing the thief & caitiff William Doran – who could not even make his own session – is trumpeter Pat Marks, aka Pataphysics (also a dedicated activist, investigative reporter & rapper), who weaves a mantic of coiling effects riddled avant panache through the brass shotty.

Patrick Marks/Pataphysics.

The four tracks traverse an ornate, inventive & unpredictable mosaic of Glyph-Hop, Scolopendra, complex break-beats, scuttling & dextrous poly-rhythms, omni-tonal patterns & super fast, technical & gracile swing, bells, bones, blocks, artisanal gongs & gangan (African talking drum).

Conjuring a resilience ritual amongst a fire fly swarm from the enduring remnants of a triumphant tribe playing on cymbals dredged from an old ship wreck on make shift gear in a derelict cathedral erected by the repelled & vanquished former colonialist settlers during the longest night of a Pacific summer equinox …. yep! Ethnicity Against the Error muthufuccuzz.

Niles Asheber.

raw, ramshackle & radical, & a million miles from the “Renaissance” gloss toss & commercial commodity wet-wipery those establishment shit-shiners are always tryna’ stuff down yer’ gob.

the outer-extremities animated …

translucent purple shell with colour stickers, six panel cassette sleeve in a yellow case, limited to x569 hand-numbered physical copies with no digital release, issued by Ethnicity Against the Error.

& through lightening it came, the black ཆོས་སྐྱོང, from forests thick & mountains lofty, the leopard man, with dragon’s fangs & tiger’s talons, swinging the sacred sabre, cutting corrupted cowards into dog chews & flicking fraudsters bones into the howling winds …… 피할수 없는 天罰.

I Trust the Conman:

I Trust the Conman.
IxTxCx – one & a half tracks from the Desperation Breeds Depravity ep.

new Anti-Listener grindnoise, harsh noise, blast & blurcore project I Trust the Conman with Ignacio Ruz of 886VG on noise & guitar. Concept confronts the curse of the MAGA cult & the manufactured scammer & corporate-backed-bullshitter, political charlatan agent (Trump, Meloni, Bannon, Bolsonaro, Modi, Milei, Ramaswami, Orban, Sunak & the rest of the shower) & the “Jones Town” component/phenomena driving this benighted self-harming lemmingdom excrementalism to accelerate their own slaughter. sprinting Olympic-standard blastbeats, with bone structure fragmenting single-foot mega blasts hosting curt episodes of belting Gratecore & D-beat Grindcore paired with frenzied, ultra-fast, noise-blur-shred noisegrind & sporadic harsh noise besieging. Appropriate anecdotal revulsion & revilement at the monumental micro targeted & microwaved mass moronism & the plague of corporatist fraudster populist implant.

Ruzzin’ like hell.

Desperation Breeds Depravity ep is out on the new Trussterfuck compilation cassette extended by Basayev Inductions.

you are closer to “天国” than you think …. don’t let the dicks disrupt or derail your freedoms & ethics.

Bollock Swine/886VG – split cassette on Lo-fi or Die Records:

Gush Gyna Junk-Gyre Geto Garbage.

Bollock Swine’s Gush Gyna Junk Gyre-Geto Garbage three more eruptive, rapturous, rupturing, ridiculous, raving & rampageous uber-ultra-blastcore, blurcore, Gunk, avant-lard, screamcore, mangling hasrh-noisegrind Neko-Neko-Noyzcore, K-Slop, freak out, WTF turbo-eccentricity out-pour, riddled with “dog vortex”, immaculate harsh noise mutilation (Hiroshi Masaki) & lashings of hyper estranged samples & sound effects for the ultimate, unsurpassed, unassailable uttermost ….. it’s just impossible! … no one/nothing comes even close.

Bollock Swine …. it jus’ ain’t normal!!

Never Stop Learning – a contemporary titan of harsh noise, Chile’s 886VG eject three magnificent melt-offs of fast, harsh, nimble & varied, masterly shock-out cut-up harsh noise.


both practitioners provide the absolute cutting-edge of their prospective fields … done deal.

Bollock Swine/886VG split tape (composite excerpts).

fluorescent yellow shell with alternate on-body spray-paint stencils & stickers, single panel cassette sleeve on thick un-glossed card, A4 fold out double-sided poster attached with rubber ring, hand-numbered to x303 copies.

Bollock Swine/886VG live collapse/collision/collaboration:

fuck me! there they go again! for the second occasion, a live noise-nova exclamatory freak furnace & full-spectrum frenzy in advanced mutant radius between these specialist demolition ultras & rare enhanced-extremism Anti-Listener antagonisers.

had to pull a lotta’ art out tha urse recently for produxiunnnz … on the fly as usual, pig pen & waste cannisters … whatya’ gonna do eh?

Avant Inca Ethno Jazz:

improv Inca impel Inti .. the rays! the rays! the rays!
Gutierrez & Baku (rough, unmixed exerpt).

great session with young traditional Peruvian indigenous multi-instrumentalist Robert Gutierrez. Evocative & mystical improvisation in the depths of the arcane alcoves.

Duo album recording with South Korean avant-saxophonist Jung-Jae Kim:

Jung-Jae Kim. the steam is real mothufukurz! blazing!
Kikanju & Jung-Jae – rough & un-mastered scatter gun excerpt.

old-skool, fast & hard tumble, free-improvisation, on-spot-inflection inferno session with the Korean saxophonist Jung-Jae Kim. storm in a steam room.

tha green garland …. stay true.

Trussterfuck compilation cassette:

Trussterfuck (compilation excerpt).

Basayev Inductions 05, the latest excursion of international User Hostile mind goring featuring spectacular harsh noise & ultra-blastcore anti-listener noisegrind blitzkrieg. Digital Noise Distortion (Italy), mad Mourmansk 150 (France), 886VG (Chile), rare, never issued 90’s harsh junk Japanoise act from Osaka -SLIME SMILE THREEMILE – from ひみつキング member, classic, early 90’s genre-resistant dark noise/industrial/electronic masterclass from Chicago’s Illusion of Safety specially remastered by Dan Burke himself, Machine/Cyber-Grind Blurcore micro-munitions from Kataplasm (France), & four fatal incidents of peerless blastcore noisegrind overdrive from myself by way of exclusive Bollock Swine, I Trust the Conman, Reforester & 走り抜くtracks.

concept & graphics tokenises the “corporate nazi” anti-life libertarian extremists Liz Truss & Peter Thiel, along with other verminous specimens from their sub-species & blight class infecting, imperilling & corrupting our lives & politics with their barely concealed totalitarian, neo-feudal, nouveau-fascist, maliciously intended criminal conspiracy & sabotaging of sovereignties. time to fuck these cocksuckerz up kids!

professional high-quality tape on white shell, three on-body stickers per side, 5-panel sleeve, two odd-sized double-sided micro-posters, x5 pull-out subverts, hand-crafted & hand-numbered, limited to x313 copies in a blue “fucking” case.

of course …