Foju 浮遊 Frequency-“the bottled soul shattering its container”

Don’t get yur derma damaged in th door. Long lost lascivity in th final closing seconds – an express roadside ejection before th 18 has assumed the funeral revelry. Dragged out of the stubborn rab, from back yonder in the sacred 2013 (unlucky numbers & Kentucky cucumbers) comes a revamped, non-camp & warm-clammy to th touch damp; divinorum from ultra-harlequin art-fuck eccentric-effuse trio Foju Fuyuu Frequency. Avant-Garde is looking a wee bit worn-out on that scuffed old water-mattress! Especially with these yuppie plagiarists offsetting personalized voids by crowding the rubble with their desperate insults… here’s some mothafukuz that blew the gaskets & sailed th shit way’ way off into whatever th fuck. Beyond th limb, on th most aculeate of th razors edge, & th acids corrosive compounds, 浮遊 struck, stretched & scattered th weirdest & wildest blotched brain-fry kaleidoscope convulse. Cohabitants consisted of an emotionally conflicted voodoo high-rise priest & noise-FX-mallam Adio “Black Valentine”, Kikanju henka Hovd negrato & white-witch of Ropongi Koboyashi ‘Cobra’ Mimi who surged, lathered, strained, cast & ensorcelled their unique “impetuous improvised intercourse” torrid & elliptic midnight-mysticism. Some of the weirdest, most exotic, unfamiliar, variegating, eclectic & thought-&-emotion-process-rippingly-odd baroque Poise-Spore Abnorm Farrago Free-Form to escape its ceremonial container from the authentic front-line of subcultural sui-generis art-spew (steeped in all the isolation, vulns & struggle that are associated with th true lifestyle). Serious delectation with th design, white gold-splashed shell & case with individualized acid-pink stipple, stickers, 3 panel double sided inlay, non-machine assembled, hand numbered to 167 editions on Erst-while Antrum (outing 23). Available from all good fortune-tellers, exorcists & inyangas. Th genuine god particle. emergencyemancipation[at]protonmail[dot]ch